Friday, January 6, 2012

Two down, 42 to go

Today (Friday)  I can cross of #35 on my goal list for this year.  I called yesterday to schedule my mammogram, and she said, 'We have a cancellation tomorrow morning at 8:30AM."  I took it!!!

Have your boobs checked women!!! Check with your insurance to see how often they will cover a screening mammogram. Most are once a year. Some are every two years.  Dont have insurance???? Call the NCI at 1–800–4–CANCER or 1–800–422–6237 to see if you can have a free mammo!!  Sometimes local hospitals offer free mammos to those with not insurance. Call around, check it out!!  Here is the National Cancers website about mammograms.

And this morning while I was there, I got another compliment! When the tech called me back, she kept looking at me. She asked me to repeat my name twice, (she said she was just verifying it to make sure) In between the squishing and smashing, and repositioning, she kept looking at my face. She was chattering around, and I could tell she really wanted to say something....

She left to go check for shadows on the imaging etc... When she came back she looked at me again, and said, I know whats different, youve lost weight! And then she laughed. She said, she asked me to repeat my name and Date of Birth twice because she didnt think it was really me. But she couldnt imagine why someone would get a mammogram for someone else.
I thanked her, and then said, in Debby fashion, 'Yes, but the sad thing is, that I had that much weight to lose in the first place."  She said, 'Youre right, BUT, you cant change the past, and youre doing something about your future! Thats whats important"


  1. That is a great NSV. Good for you. I'm due for a mammogram this year. We are just waiting for our insurance cards to arrive.

  2. She's right, you're doing something & that is what's important! It's a great compliment & puts a pep in your step doesn't it? I posted on Facebook the other day where I said unexpected compliments are like deposits to your positivity bank. It's so true & they can be any type of compliment really but those regarding the weight loss are sort of like a double deposit:-)

  3. I love your list! Good job on getting those very important appts scheduled. Take care of yourself, first! :) Happy New Year.

  4. It's so important to have these test done - unfortunately, I've been putting this stuff off, but I'm going to get them done. Thanks for the reminder!

    Keep kicking butt! You're on a roll!:)


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