Thursday, January 19, 2012

Midweek Update

Yesterday my husband called and told me that the reason the tires on the van were leaking was because

(not my actual tire)
the cords of the tires were sticking out  thru the rubber. DANGEROUS!!!  I knew we needed new tires, but being the tightwad  daredevil that I am, I thot I could make them stretch a bit further. ANd with the mild winter, I was hoping to wait til spring.

Tires came in today so my husband took the van with him to work (a Chevy dealer garage)

So about 5PM he calls to tell me that theres another problem. I see dollar bills flying out the window.  Apparently the water pump is bad an needs replaced too.

Back up to 7AM this morning. I showered, dressed for work, and then I went to get the car keys. They were NOT hanging on the 'key hangy uppy place'.  I looked on the table, the counter, his dresser.  NO KEYS!! I tried to send out an SOS text to himto find out where he laid them. BUT the shop is a huge peice of steel and he has crappy service.

SO at 7AM in 5degree snowing I walked the 1/2 mile work. THANK goodness I dont live in Julies neck of the woods where it was 25 BELOW 0 today!! Now thats cold!!

Im having a good week. Getting in my water, following my calories. Ive been staying off the scale. (New for me!)  Im addicted to my scale!

I did find a love for yogurt covered peanuts. YUM!!! Thankfully that bag is gone!!
Made it to everyones blog who is participating in E to E.
Havea  wonderful week! 


  1. I'm glad you got your tires fixed. That sounds bad. I know how expensive auto repairs can be but it is always better to err on the side of safety.

  2. Let´s see if this will go through. I´m having such trouble commenting on blogs! UGH!!
    Your Mennonite roots are showing...LOL (meaning Mennonites love to save some $$)
    I´m glad to see you are doing good.

  3. You really did need new tires there. I am glad you didn't freeze going to work. Did you find the keys?
    Take care Deb and have a blessed week. Drive careful now but at least on new tires and a not leaky water pump.


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