Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holy Schmoly, what in the world is up with this? (besides my weight again!!!)

To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish; then resolve to pay the price to get it. Bunker Hunt

Starting 196.0 12-29-11
Last week 195.2
This week 196.4 up .8 lbs
GGGRRRRR UP again. A bit frustrating, but not depressing. Not sure whats wrong, But, Im not giving up, Keep plugging away!! It will come off!!

Tire one:  44 (same)
Tire two:  47.5 (down .5)
Hips: 47.5 (same)

Sunday  1420
Monday:  1376
Tuesday: 1236
Wednesday:  790 (report day)
Thursday:  1257
Friday:  1128
Saturday: 1083


Friday: Ran 3.5 for Running Loving Livings Birthday.
Saturday: Ran 3.1 for Freeze Your Thorns off
Saturday; One hour of Body Combat
As I said in my midweek update, no excersize til my church report was complete. THankgoodness tts over!!!
Water: Guzzling it!!! Had over 100 oz every day.

Partner/Buddy is UpInTheCosmos.  Shes rocking!! Shes tried juicing this past week. Check out this post for more info.  She also ran the Freeze Your Thorns off! AND she posted a great loss this week!

Visit: I visited and commented on everyones blog last week. And Ill be around to visit everyone in the Challenge once the links are linked.

Book. Body for Life: Read quite a bit about the different Milestones we as women go thru and what happens to our body and metabolism during those times.  Reading that Im normal. A lot of women my age walk into a room, forget what they wanted, turn around and then 5 seconds later go back into the room because it came back to them.  Its like my brain is short circuiting. The other day I went to work, and one of my coworkers asked why I was wearing only one earring!!

Have a blessed week!


  1. Sometimes are body just doesn't want to give away anything! You were so disciplined by eating so few and you even gained. How frustrating is THAT! But don't give up. You will see a big loss, if you keep doing what you are doing. Stay strong!

  2. It is probably a water retention issue. Just keep doing what you are doing and soon you will see the progress you are looking for. I'm wishing you a good week this week. Hang in there. :)

  3. I can´t believe you gained with such low calories! That´s a bummer, but I know you won´t let yourself get down. Keep on, keepin´on!

  4. .8 isn't anything to worry about. It can might as well be water. Just keep going :D

  5. I had several weeks like your. Don't lose heart! Keep eating right and working out and your body will eventually cooperate.

  6. I'm gonna be 52 in less than a month. And yep, things are tougher. Memory isn't as keen. Stamina is lower. Metabolism is WAY WAY WAY slower. You worry about all the fricken medical tests they want you to have (What's going up my butt???) on top of the usual Pap/mammo/etc that MEN DON"T HAVE TO FRICKEN GET! Urgh. Growing old kinda sucks, but getting healthier so being older is higher quality, well, that's good, very good. Let's keep plugging. Never give up. NEVER.

    I will say, while I hate the aging skin issues, I love not having a period and not having to even think birth control. Woohoo.

    Take care, and on we go...

  7. Sounds to me like you are doing everything right. I am sure the scale will follow!!

  8. Deb, the scale will change, just keep up the great work. I know it will. You did so great with both your 5K's, I am proud of you. I'll be 50 in 3 months and with this period thing would just pass and let me move forward, someday.
    Take care Ded and have a blessed week. I'll be watching and learning. Blessings!!

  9. Your running is AWESOME! I can't do that yet... but I'm hoping to work up to it... This is a 25 year old saying she wants to work UP to what you're doing! Good for YOU! :)

    Also, funny little brain lapse story. My mom was a substitute teacher for me in high school once... She got distracted while doing her make up apparently and showed up with one eyebrow colored in and not the other one. Now we have a mirror by the door so she can check herself out before she leaves. If you find yourself in a situation like that, just find the humor.

  10. Love the measurements... 'tire one', 'tire two' - I do it that way too... because I have to - sigh!

  11. Struggle and aim provide succeed that everywhere. It is not easier to getting perfect result that without care.

  12. You are doing awesome also! You & Julie are my peeps to look up to when it comes to running & the encouragement you've provided has been great , I so appreciate you:-) age can definitely do a number on ya but don't let it stop you, keep moving cause its key in the aging process! We are going to kick butt & take named this year for sure!!

  13. I, also, have the two tires! Ugg! But that's okay - we'll get rid of those tires!! You are doing great - keep it up! You'll see a loss after this week. :)


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