Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns

Today was the day for the Freeze Your Thorns off 5K.

I kinda cheated and did it inside on a treadmill at the gym so I didnt freeze anything off. I didnt take any pictures........ The studly college basketball player on my right probably wouldve laughed, And prim and proper, no sweat, hair in place mom on my left wouldve glared.  And then I wouldnt be able to show my face at the gym for a long time. (Can you tell Im still very self conscious!!)

Now bring on the prizes!! :)

I did a 3.5 mile yesterday, and this old fat woman isnt used to two runs on consecutive days. Thank goodness for my new compression socks! I can actually still walk this afternoon!!
I did a slower pace today, because I had Body Combat after the run. I was 2 minutes short of a PR. Ran it in 42.28


  1. That's awesome! I love the idea of a virtual 5k. I had a 5k race this morning and it was great. Great time too! Gotta keep at it. And forget about those prim and proper/athletic people. They honestly don't care! And if they do they're not worth your time! Go for it. p.s. I love your goals on the side bar. I think I might do something similar to keep me on track. LOL


  2. YEAH!!! Deb, that is great. You did so good and it didn't matter in or out, you did it. You keep this up and you're going to be a runny fool, can't wait for that. :o)
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  3. Excellent!!!! Great run and great job!


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