Saturday, January 7, 2012

E2E Update

To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish; then resolve to pay the price to get it. Bunker Hunt,

I started this challenge at 196.0 and thats what I am again this morning. No changes.

For the 30 Day food challenge, Ive been recording at My fitness pal

Sunday: 730
Monday: 1270
Tuesday: 880
Wednesday: 1205
Thursday: 920
Friday: 1332

I wish I knew how to copy the spreadsheet from the website!!

For these two challenges, I ran 9 miles this week.
Still rather slow, but in my 70 min long run on Sat I had a 5K PR...

Tire one: starting 44  today 44.25
Tire two: starting 48 today  48
Hips: starting 47.5 today  47.5

Water: 75 oz every day.

In my Body for Life book, she talks quite a bit about how women and men are different.  We need different plans. They also pledge to me, that if Im ready to make changes, they will help me reach my optimal body. (not a models body, but my optimal body)  They also asked me to make a pledge.  To take time for me... We as women will do many things for other, boyfriends, kids, churches, work, but neglect ourselves.  Just do it! Realize I must work to get it done, its not a free gift, I have to do the work.
My Challenge buddy is UpInTheCosmos ,  She is an amazingly strong woman who is dedicated to her weight loss.  We are involved in a lot of the same challenges and programs.
Bloggy love: spread it!

Have a wonderful week eveyone!!! Kick some fat to the curb!!!


  1. Looks like you had a good week exercise and fluid wise.....your cal look a little low....i noticed that you are trying to alt counts but I hope you are getting enough protein and nutrients on the low days 800 at least cal deficit/day x 7 days = 5600 cal deficit...oh well sometimes it doesn't work like it should.....hopefully you'll show a good loss next week.

    I laughed reading your list when I got to the daily text kids thought i was overdoing it 2x/wk.

    glad you did your mammo.

  2. Your calories are a little low Debby. You need to bring them up a little bit. I'm terrible at it too, it's hard to do it all right, I know.
    Keep up the great work Debby. You really are doing amazing.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  3. Woot on the miles! Thanks for the compliment also but you are amazing! Look at you run! I was inspired to try by you & Julie, you ladies rock! You do have some low cal days though, with the running you should make sure to get at least 1000-1200. Your body wants to hold onto that fat if you don't. As I mentioned in other comments, I have to remind myself of that too:-)

  4. Screenhunter 5.1 Free is a great program for to take screen shots.

    Great job with the running!

  5. I agree with Julie, your calories are a bit too low. That will prevent you from losing weight because the body tries to hold on as much as possible :)

  6. Wow, how can you manage to eat so few?! I would be starving! Hope, you get the balance there between not to high and not to low cal. It's not so easy, but that's why we do it all together. This way we can learn from each other. I wish you strength and motivation for this new week.

  7. You had a good week. It's hard to get in the groove of a new plan after running crazy through the holidays. I'm finding that with myself. But working at it every day will make it a habit. Good for you for running!

  8. Girl, I couldn't run 9 miles in a week if the devil himself was after me! You did awesome on your exercise and not to harp on it but like others mentioned your calories were on the low side. I'm *crossing* my fingers for you and will check in on you mid week.

    Now go eat something!

  9. Great exercising, Deb! I need to find my "want to"where that is concerned!

  10. You did really good. Your calories are really on the low side and I´m sure you´ll show a result soon!


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