Sunday, January 22, 2012

E to E Update

To be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish; then resolve to pay the price to get it. Bunker Hunt

Weight: 195.2  This is up 1 pound.  I dont know why... I did 'everything right'. Not stressing about it. But hoping next week is back down again!!

Waist: Tire 1: 44 (same)
Tire 2: 48  (same)
Hips 47.5 (same as start)

Sunday: 1020
Monday: 1381
Tuesday: 1010
Wednesday: 1415
Thursday: 1175
Friday: 890 (oops)
Saturday: 1237

Exercise:  Still doing my Brad Gansberg 10K graduate program.  Im learning that I LOVE long runs. Im not much a fan of the training to go faster. (altho IM doing it anyway!!!) 

Im very excited to do two virtual races this month. Check out my side bar for links to them!! And Detroit Runner has one in March.

In Julies run 650 Miles in 2012, I have 16 miles. (that seems low to me, But thats what my Daily Mile reports, so thats what Im going with.

Exercise: Tues: Running and Body Pump.
Friday:  Free weights, sit ups, Med ball,
Saturday: Body Combat, Running

I want to find a way to do some running on Monday Wed, and Thurs. Im NOT a morning person, BUT, I work 13 hrs those days, SO I need to figure out my getting up early!! And getting it done!!

My book:  Well, I wish I could say Ive been keeping up. BUT truth is, Ive openned it three times, and each time promptly fell asleep, only to wake with the lights off, and the book covering my face.  My excuse being: This week is the year end for our church. I have an 8 page financial report that was due on Saturday, and I had many late nights preparing for it. And then was audited on Friday.  So this report has taken all my free time!!!

Bloggy love: Visited and commented on all challengers last week. Some are struggling, and I wish I could give you each a virtual ((((hug)))).  I dont like to see people struggle. Especially when it revolves around emotions!!

And my amazing buddy Up in the Cosmos. She tracks at My fitness pal, and is a great encourager!! She has tracked for 140 days in a row!! Great inspiration!!! 


  1. The scale will be nicer next week. You are doing awesome. Good luck with all your 5K's. This week is my virtual run too.
    Take care Deb. You are really inspiring and so much more.

  2. I think stress can be a weight loss "hinderer" (is that a word?). Sounds like you are very busy.
    Your calories for the week look great, you really should have lost. Hope it will catch up next week!

  3. Thanks Deb:-). You are doing great. Work sounds hectic & stress can affect your weightless so it could be the reason for your gain. Just keep on track & it will all work out:-). I'm doing the Freeze Your Thorns Off virtual 5k & the Securian Winter 5k on Saturday, about 9:15 a.m. so we can definitely do ours at the same time if that time works for you!

  4. Between stress and all those work hours you're doing, it's not too much of a surprise that there is a weight gain this week. Think of it this way (it's something my WW leader said): even skinny people gain a pound here and there, what matters is what you do afterwards to keep the pounds from continuing to go up. :)

  5. Stress is my number one diet killer. You are doing amazing! The tracking! the caloric levels! wow. You're doing great and I bet you'll see a big loss next week. Take your sox off the the next weigh-in ;)

  6. It seems that all the challengers have been visited by the stress monster this week in one form or another. I am ready for that dude to leave. But good job in only gaining one lb due to it all. Your calories look fine. Better than fine. Keep it up!

  7. The scale will follow if you keep leading it in the right direction :D

  8. Glad you are not stressing. You are doing great on the calories! The numbers will follow.

  9. I'm glad you're not stressing about the gain. Just keep doing what you're doing and you will see results at your next weigh-in, I know it!


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