Saturday, December 3, 2011

Virtual 5K

Today I ran my 5K as participation in the Hope Endures Virtual 5K.

This 5K is in honor of Courtneys daughter Ashlynn who was still born. 
After Ashlynns death, Courney wanted to change her life. She found a love of running, and healthy living.  She is now inspiring others to endure life after an event that makes you feel hopeless. 

Todays 5K which was interrupted twice by 'emergancy' Christmas light hanging phone calls from my husband. These phone calls caused me o walk for a few minutes. BUT, even without the phone calls, this is rather slow by 'runner' times. BUT, for me! I finished it, and Im proud!


  1. Nice job on your virtual 5k! I've done a few races, but only walking, so your time seems pretty impressive to me :)

  2. I think that is great time and I cant tell you how much I appreciate you running the race!!! Funny on the emergency phone calls, made me giggle because I know my husband is like that!!

  3. What a great 5k to run for, and you did awesome - congrats!

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