Saturday, December 10, 2011

quitting is not an option

Ever get frustrated and just wanna quit?!!? Wanna just give yourself one day of 'cheating'? One day just for you? One day to just eat fried chicken and french fries and wash it down with a chocolate shake?

Ive had a very hard week. Im exhausted. Physically and mentally!! Church meetings that lasted til 1230AM.  Called in to work an extra day, giving me over 60 hrs this week.  You'd think with 60 hours the money would just be pouring in. BUT, bank account is dry.

This week I havent had trouble overeating, its undereating!! When I get stressed I either eat nothing, or everything.  For some reason, this week was nothing!

Im not sure what I couldve done to make this week better, stress wise, but if I wouldve PLANNED it out better, Im sure theres something I couldve done different!!!

Today while I was catching up on some reading, I ran across this blog. DONT wait til Monday!! Take control now!!! She says it much better than I can.

Don’t wait until Monday to start living your life! You are worth TODAY. - Average Moms Wear Capes

Beginning Weight: 209.8
Current Weight: 197.6  (-2.0)
Total Lost: 12.2lbs

Beginning Weight: 210.2
Current Weight: 197.6 (-2.0)
Total Lost: 12.6
Todays Weigh in: 197.6  (-2.0) this week (very surprised!!) I thot with the low calories I would see a gain!  That 15 lb loss that was my goal, is actually in reach. 2.8 lbs needed by next Sunday Morning!!

Im surprised how easy its been to JUST SAY NO!!! My son is having  a bake sale to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation, and there are cookies and candy all over the house. BUT, I am saying no. (until December 18th)
This is my all time favorite combination!! Chocolate and Peanut butter.  We made 30 doz of these babies today!! WE also made some Chocolated cover Ritz peanut butter crackers. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!
My boss took the week off last week (First week of deer season) and he had this sent to the office.  Hes a chocoholic and he wanted us to eat if before he got back.  I put it in the back room, and did NOT go back there for 5 whole days. I did not have one of those amazing brownies.  I was told that they were amazingly delicious. The smell of the mint one made me drool!! BUT now that they are gone, I realize, I didnt miss anything!! The taste and enjoyment  would be long gone, and I can rejoice that I dont have those extra calories to burn off!!

2.  Calories: This week was BAD!!! On Monday I had 1255, but the rest of the week I had between 500 and 700. Every time I tried to eat, I got sick to my stomach. When Im under a lot of stress I either eat absolutely everything in my kitchen ,or nothing at all. This week was nothing at all!! I finally forced myself to drink some smoothies so I could get my fruit!

3. Exercise:  Still working on Brad Gansbergs 10K I had an amazing 55 minute run.  I usually have trouble doing the 30 mins, but for some reason on Sunday I was feeling GRRREEAAATTT!!  I also went to the gym and did some rowing, weights, med balls, and tried the spin bikes.

4. Water: I was able to get in my 100oz every day!! Im so thankful that this is so easy for me!! One thing I dont have to fight myself for!!

5.  Book: Made to Crave: We were made for more!! More than shoving junk into my mouth! More than eating a Super Sized French Fry.  More than what I give myself credit for!!! Find that 'want to'. Find that desire, and run with it!!!

6.  Sleep.  5 to 6 hrs each night!!! Sunday is going to be a big nap day!! I can feel it!!


  1. Congratulations on the loss :) Sorry you struggled with your food intake though, I hope next week will be better. :)

  2. I´m sorry you are under so much stress. It´s great when you eat less, but when it´s the case that you can´t eat, it´s not so much fun. I hope things slow down for you this coming week and hope you have a strong ending for the challenge.

  3. COngrats on the loss. I hope this stress lessens and you can breath a bit easier this coming week. COngrats on nearing your goal.

  4. Yes to all your questions! :) Like you, I haven't given up. It's hard but we can do it. I have faith in that. You've done well and are so close to reaching your weight loss goal for the challenge. That's not easy to do especially with all the stress you've been under.

    Hope this week is calmer for you.

  5. Great job just saying no! You are really doing great, and hopefully you'll regain a healthy appetite soon. :)

  6. I hope that things calm down for you Debby, I know that it's so hard right now. You try and eat a bit better, you need that. However feeling like crap when you eat isn't good either. Hopefully this week things will be better.
    We are out of money this week so the medicine I need for my stomach isn't happening so eating isn't high on my list because everyting that goes in hurts. However oatmeal feels good so for now that will work. Just life at times.
    Keep up the great work. You have done such amazing work. Take care my friend and God Bless!!

  7. Way to go on the loss! I hope this week will be much less stressful for you.

  8. Hope this week is better...good loss but better not to have your stomach hurt. Quitting is not an option....though that chocolat did look good.

  9. good job on resisting the sweets, and the weight loss. i am sure things will get better and you will do amazing in the 10k.

  10. Absolutely. We are worth our own time TODAY. I loved the author's instructions about writing down your goal, then putting it aside to focus on just the 5-10 pounds at hand FIRST! Breaking any task down into small pieces works!

  11. Wow I'm impressed. So much good news here. You are doing great, especially with so many temptations around you. I so admire your positive attitude!

  12. Congrats on the loss. Usually underestimate only makes you gain if you are working out & not eating enough so that your body goes into starvation mode. I know what you mean about stress affecting your eating though, I've found that it depends on the type of stress when it comes to eating. I'll over eat when it's not so emotionally charged & making me feel sick &I undereat when it is of course. Sometimes time & such has a lot to do with it also. You are doing great though, knowing is half the battle you can plan for those moments:-)

  13. Congrats on your loss this week, and congrats on hanging in there during a rough week!!!


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