Thursday, December 1, 2011

Picture proof

Remember these pictures?
I took them on October 23rd, 2011.
Weight was 201.4 and today its 199.8  PROOF, that just because the scale doesnt go down far, you are still changing the shape of your body!!!

WELL, this is how it looks today. They zipped up, and I didnt have to lay on the bed to do it!

NOW granted, I have a horrid looking buldge at my stomach!! YES, I still have lots of work to do. BUT, I can now wear those size 16 pants!!!!!!! And sit down in them!!

Since I squeezed into those pants, I decided to pull out my  Christmas Dress and try it on.

This is what it looked like

THis is waht it looks like today.
Its hard to see, but, its a bit looser, I still would NOT wear it in public!! But its not longer skin tight!!


  1. Girl, WHAT?! Look at you! That's freaking awesome!!! Thanks for sharing these- so encouraging!

  2. Great job! The changes are noticeable, especially with the pants. Keep it up and you'll be rocking that dress in no time!

  3. Yes. Visual proof. THIS is why I insisted on an object of clothing. Didn't this make you feel good???

    I'm glad you did this. I did it twice already in the past couple weeks on my blog, because though the scale is a mother lately, I can FEEL and SEE that I'm different. I can FEEL it and my Pilates trainer says she saw you go. :D

    Everyone who is getting fed up with the scale, but is exercising and watching calaories, etc, should do this periodically. It's proof of transformation.

    Keep going. Look amazing in that dress..very soon!!!!

  4. Way to go! I know you feel great & you should.

  5. I think this is great proof that your body still responds to the healthy food and exercise! I needed this wakeup call - so thank you!

  6. Hi Debby, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) I have just been reading through your blog. You are one motivated lady and I can't wait to keep reading! Congratulations on Onderland and the Christmas Dress Challenge success!

  7. So happy for you!! That´s awesome and we will get there together!!

  8. YEAH!!!! I can tell the difference big time. I am so proud of you!!! VERY!!!


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