Sunday, December 18, 2011

Final Weigh in for Christmas Dress Challenge

Thankyou to every one of the challengers who encouraged me, pushed me, inspired me, and kicked me in the butt!! I will miss this wonderful group of women!!!

I learned that stress REALLY plays a VERY big role in weight loss!! I use food to console me, or to deprive myself, depending on the situation.  Lack of sleep causes me to eat more!

Accountability is a wonderful tool!! Knowing that I have to check in every Sunday has been very inspiring.  No, I dont want that Large McDonalds fry! No, I dont want that bowl of ice cream. I want to lose!! Yes, I do want to do that extra 30 minutes on the treadmill! I do want to go to Zumba today!

I am listening more to what others have to say! I used to think, 'I know how to do this! I dont need to listen to what others have to say." That is so wrong. I am now soaking up the information.  Researching to see if it may work for me.

I wish each of you the best as you continue this journey of weight loss and maintenance!
Beginning Weight: 209.8
Current Weight: 194.6  (-3.0)
Total Lost: 15.2

Final Weight 194.6  I made my 15 lb goal!!!
2.  Calories: At the beginning of the week they were down a bit. I ended up with the stomach flu. Nothing stayed inside me for 48 hours.  But the rest of the week was good, with 1000 to 1200 calories each day.  Im still participating in the Sweet Tooth Challenge.  My Challenge was to have no cakes, cookies, chocolates, candy or desserts until after Sunday, December 18th. I was very surprised how much I craved chocolate the first few days. Then after that the craving was gone, and it was very easy to walk away or say, "No thankyou". Once the challenge is over for me, I will limit myself to one a day. 

3. Exercise:  The beginning of the week it was nonexistant since I was either in bed or in the bathroom.  The rest of the week was slow. I could tell I was week and tired.  Today its back to running again!! YES!!!

4.  Water:  Monday and Tuesday NONE.  The rest of the week I was playing catch up. I felt thirsty ALL THE TIME!! (No Im not a diabetic!) 

5.  Book: Made to Crave: I loved this book!! It has really made me realize that this is very much a lifestyle change, NOT a diet!! It has also made me look at what I crave!! Crying out to God when things get rough in everyday life, is a given. Why is He not our go-to guy with weightloss?  He does want to hear about it. YES He does care, even about this!!

6.  Sleep. I still struggle with this one! I need to manage my time so much better!!

 I wanted to get into this outfit by the end of the challenge.
This picture:  Shirt 16-18 and pants size 18

I decided to try on the pants and this is what I found. THEY FIT!!!!

 On Ocotober 23rd, I replaced the grey pants with a black pair of size 16 pants, and a size 16 dress.

OH those rolls!

Then on December 1st, the pants zipped. Still a bit tight, but they zipped!!!

Yesterdays pics (12-17-11)
This is the first outfit

This is the second pair of pants. Still pretty tight. Note the bulging muffin top!

And this is the dress that I absolutley love!!! If I had some body shapers for that middle bulge it would fit so much nicer!! But I can feel a BIG difference in how it fits today, compared to October 23rd.


  1. Wow Debby!! You can really see the difference in pictures. The first pants look better than the second, I agree. But you will be fitting into those in no time. Let´s keep in touch and keep going on this journey together. We are about the same weight and it´s always interesting to compare "notes". :)
    I love that you added my second blog too. I´ll be posting more over there, since this challenge has ended now. See you there. Have a good week!!

  2. I love the comparison pics! You did it!

    Thank you for all your encouragement during this challenge. I have learned a lot, and made a lot of new friends with health and weight loss on their minds, like me. I hope we will be together in another challenge in 2012. Great job, girl!

  3. WOW!!! You have done an amazing job! So glad you did well in the Sweet Tooth Challenge, but Debby - you are doing so well even without that challenge! The pictures say it all! :D

  4. You should be proud of what you have done. You set a goal and reached it. You are ready to make 2012 YOUR year. It's what I am going to do. Not plan to do, not try to do, no ifs, ands, or buts but do it. Join me? I am now a follower; we can be cheerleaders for each other.

  5. Love, love, love, the photo journey story. You have made excellent progress in this challenge. Excellent and inspiring post. To a new year firmly moving forward. Michele

  6. Lookit dat!!! Isn't it crazy fun when pants that didn't zip suddenly DO ZIP??? I love that feeling. I keep buying new stuff that doesn't fit so that it's there for comparison. It's a natural high. :D

    Congrats on making goal and the dress and the pants and NOT QUITTING!!!

    Really happy for ya!

    Thanks for joining with us and keep making progress, K?

  7. Oh Debbi, that is awesome. You did so well. I am very, very proud of you. And you are beautiful. I love you in that black dress.
    I don't plan on going anywheres, I will be here following and reading and learning and being inspired by you.
    Take care Debbi and have a blessed week.

  8. LOVE all the pics!! You did so great, and you look great - you should be so proud of yourself! Congrats!

  9. Excellent work & looking great in that dress! Hope that you are feeling better & ready to take on the holidays & keep on the road to the healthier you! I'll be out here checking in to see how you are doing & rooting for ya as you go:-). Happy holidays!!

  10. Lv the pictures and you look good in those pants. Some shapewear will do the trick for that dress. Congrads on making your goal and have a good holiday season.

  11. Love the dress and you look great! Im proud of you, you can see the difference. You did amazing and I bet you will continue to do so.

  12. You rocked this challenge. Congrats for the consistency and the progress. Isn't it great to have a group of people all looking out for each other? The accountability has definitely made me make better choices too.

  13. What great progress pics! Congratulations! You did so well in this challenge! Thank you for your support throughout. It really helped during those bad weeks. lol


  14. Way to finish strong. Yeah for pants fitting that didn't before. Keep it up and your goals will be reached in no time.

  15. Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

    15 pounds is marvelous, and that pink top? Definitely your color!


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