Monday, November 21, 2011

Wake me up

If I go quiet during the holiday weeks. PLEASE wake me up!!

So often when a weight loss blogger goes quiet, its because they are gaining. Or not eating healthy.  Or not exercising.
When Im not doing what Im supposed to do, Im embarrassed because I fee like a failure.

I dont think about the support Irecieve.  Or the swift kick in the butt I need.

SO, if  I go quiet this holiday season, PLEASE oh PLEASE wake me up!



  1. I'm having the same concerns right now. I usually only go quiet if I've fallen off the wagon. I'll keep an eye out to make sure you're still updating over the holidays, if you'll do the same for me. :-)

  2. you sound like you really want to do well over the holidays! I struggled for the past few months. I am back and I didnt think it would feel this good!!! Keep up the good work!!!


  3. I WILL wake you up if you need it, and, please, do the same for me!! :)

  4. I know you won't have any problems because you are so determined to lose it all and I know you will. But if you aren't chatting I'll be sure to e-mail you and figure out what's what. But be sure to kick my butt too.
    Take care and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  5. Good to know. Same goes for me. We´ll be there for you!


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