Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 2

Weigh in this AM is 204. Down 2.4 from last Wednesdays weigh in.
Total Exercise minutes is 585.
Our mini challene was to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. This is one of my goals in each of my challenges and I always seem to fail!!

Last week I put on Exile Island, Im not sure if I was put there because I had the lowest percentage of weight loss, or if I was voted there by my teammates. But nonetheless,  Im no longer competeing for the big ginormous prize, but for, well Im not sure what else.  But competition is always good for a push to get it done.

Im working on running a 5K in 100 days with Brad Gansberg, and a 31 Day Challenge where I run one mile every day for the month of October.   And Im in the Dress Challenge. I chose a pair of pants and shirt that I want to get into by Christmas. And also The Best Gift I can give myself Challege. In this challenge you pick your own goals and  move towards them.  OH YEAH, and Allens Triple Dog Challenge. Hes providing menus we are to follow every week, aalong with a mini challenge.



  1. Oh so many challenges.... Awesome! I was exiled also, my whole team was, but I will be kicking butt throughout cause I'm in it to win it.... with the it's being eaton healthier & my weight loss goal!

  2. Ya'll should have an Exile Island Mutiny - band together and beat the heck out of the 'winning' teams' statistics!

  3. 2.4 pounds is awesome! Way to go and it doesn't matter you are exiled, you can still kick butt this challenge

  4. Wow that's a lot of challenges, lady! And a great loss for the week! Way to go!

  5. way to go on the weight loss. it's hard to be exiled but keep up the hard work!

  6. Keep up the great work! Awesome loss this week!


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