Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Two weeks ago at my 5K and again tonight my right foot 'fell asleep' while I was running. Any suggestions?  I was thinking, maybe my shoes are tied to tight and then my feet swell when the longer I run? But, Im looking for any suggestions out there!!

Tonight for 5K in 100 Days was hard!!! I had to push myself to get thru that last interval. BUT, my mind won out over my body, and I DID IT!!!
545 Calories, 59.01 minutes, 3.849 miles

Sorry this is so blurry!! This is my one mile AFTER 5K in 100 days. Almost 5 miles total tonight!!
162 calories, 13.26 minutes, 1.002 miles


  1. Awesome workout tonight!! I'm not sure why you're foot would be falling asleep, but, yes, it may be that your shoes are tied too tight, so tying them a looser is worth a try. Hopefully, the fix will be that simple!

  2. You are a beast!!!

    I think it is probably something with your shoes, too!


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