Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday cake anyone?

My best friend and I try to get together twice a month for some 'us' time!! We always start with the gym and then do a pedi, or get groceries, or eat or watch a movie, or just sit and cry...........

Well, today she took me to Texas Grill house to celebrate my birthday. (It was three weeks ago) I had a delicious peice of roasted chicken and a potato, and I ordered off the senior menu for smaller portions.  SO GOOD!! ANYWAY, when the waitress brought the checks, my friend said, OH Ill take hers, were celebrating her birthday. 

We continued to talk, gossip, chatter, laugh, giggle, and all the sudden we hear this dinner triangle and all the cooks come out and I get a big ole YEEEHAAWWWW from all the customers eating lunch. ALong with the YEHAW came the above pictured peice of cake. It smelled so good.  I was totally full, and NO CAKE allowed on Allens plan. So my friend had a bite, and I asked if I could have a box to take it home!! In the past, I wouldve said, Its my bday party, and Im gonna eat that! And then I wouldve been miserable and uncomfortable. BUT, this time, I decided that I am going to pass! And I do not regret it one bit!!

Its now in the belly of my son!!



  1. Yay you! You did the right thing. I bet it was a TON of calories!

  2. Good for you!!!! Have a great weekend!


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