Friday, October 7, 2011

Im winning!

24 hrs and I am still winning!!!! Those things are getting stale and hard, and Im getting thinner!!! I will win this battle!!

My two college kids are home for the weekend!! YAH!!!!!!!!!! I love when my family is all back together!! Its so much fun hear them talk about what they are doing/singing/trainers/ballroom dancing.  YES, my son, is taking ballroom dancing classes. Id love to learn! 

If you would like to learn to run, here is a great resourse. Brad Gansberg is a wonderful teacher. Each week you watch a short video, and you have three interval runs.  At the end of each week, you email him your thots, etc, and he emails you the password for the next weeks material. Any time you have questions, you email him, and I have always gotten a reply back within 24 hrs. I hear hes starting a new class soon, give it chance!!

498 Calories   55.05 minutes  3.536 miles
Week 13 complete and on to week 14.  I think thats our final week.

I got sent to Exile Island this week. Im not sure if my teammates voted me there, or if I just had the lowest percentage of weight loss.  None the less, Im still eligible for a prize, just not the big ginormous winner one.

159 calories, 13.43 minutes  1.002 miles
I was sore when I started this one. I didnt want to do it!!

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  1. I have read about Brad on other blogs. I will check him out ENjoy those kids while they are home!


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