Saturday, October 22, 2011

Exersize Challenges


Last week I won this badge!! So proud!! This couch potato has found her I WANT TO!!!! And Im loving it!!!

Friends Make Fitness Fun

Sunday Total 20 MIns,   1 mile with cool down
Monday Total  35 mins 1 mile with warm up and cool down and some walking
Tuesday Total 143, Mins, 1 mile,Body Pump, Zumba
Wednesday Total 30 Mins 1mile challenge, and extra walking
Thursday Total 0 Mins 
Friday Total 90 Mins 1 Mile Challenge, Weight machines, Med ball, Treadmill
Saturday Total 90  1 mile challange, weight machines, Brad Gansburg Graduation run

Grand Total: 408 Minutes Not as many as last week. On Thurs I was very nauseated with some vomiting. I was so sore, that I took the day off!!!

Brad Gansbergs 5K in 100 Days

Today I did my Graduation Run!!! A full 5K without stopping. It was on a treadmill, and it was at 4.4 the whole time.


  1. yay you! I listen to my mp3 player as I walk and I've made a new rule for myself--jog the choruses and walk the verses. ugh! It is just about all I can do! But I do enjoy the energy of it and I think I will in time end up being a jogger :)


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