Saturday, October 15, 2011

Exersize Challenges

Friends Make Fitness Fun

Sunday Total 79 mins,  5K 100 Days and 1 mile with cool down
Monday Total  18 mins 1 mile with warm up and cool down
Tuesday  Total 150, Mins  5K 100 Days,  1 mile, weight machine, med ball,
Wednesday Total 18 Mins  1mile challenge
Thursday Total 43 Mins  1 mile challenge, and walk/run intervals
Friday  Total 90 Mins   5K 100 Days, Weight machines,
Saturday Total 87 Mins  Zumba, 1 mile challange,

Grand Total: 485 Minutes

Brad Gansbergs 5K in 100 Days

On Sunday I tried to do the first run for this week. About three minutes into the third thirteen minute interval I felt absolutley horrible!!! I was hyperventilating, I couldnt breathe, It was just nasty.  So I slowed down and walked the rest of that interval and the cool down.  Monday I ended up on an antibiotic for a sinus infection, I think thats what gave me the horrible breathing/feeling yucky problem!!!

Tuesday and Friday were my second two days and I was able to push thru and finish!!! 
Next week is graduation race !!! I cant believe Ive come this far!!
So excited!!

Tonight I had another PR. (For those RUNNERS out there, this is rather slow, but for me! IM STOKED!!!
One mile in 12.36 minutes. Maybe next week I can get it under 12?!?!??! HMMM.



  1. Yay! Congrats! And you'll be under 12 min. before you know it - keep pushing!!


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