Sunday, October 23, 2011

Challenge Updates

Christmas Dress Challenge:
Beginning Weight: 209.8
Current Weight: 201.4 -2.1
Total Lost: 8.4
Give Yourself the Best Gift:
Beginning Weight: 210.2
Current Weight: 201.4 -2.1
Total Lost: 8.8
Triple Dog Challenge:
Begining Weight: 209
Current Weight: 201.4 -2.1
Total Lost: 7.6tion

This week weigh in.  So close to under 200. Maybe next week!!!


This is what my original pair looked like at the beginning of the challenge on September 11th.

And this what they looked like last night.  The shirt is still a bit tight, so I will keep that as part of the challenge.

My sister decided she didnt like her black pants (and I want a pair) SO, I may  use them as my new challenge pants!!!

OR. LOOK AT THIS DRESS!!!! My BFF surprised me with a dress tonight. She has lost quite a bit of weight, and thot I might like it. Its still way to small. SO, I could use this as my Dress Challenge.
Its very tight!! It shows all the bulges, and rolls, but I love it!!! I cant wait til I can wear it!!!

2. Calories: Im staying between 1000 and 1200. Im in a Triple Dog Challenge and they supply menus for us. If you would like more info on Allans Challenge click here to visit his page, and leave him a comment. I found this week harder to follow. I like to have options to choose from. BUT, if I didnt like it, or didnt have it, or am allergic to it, I just left it off my plate, and went without.

3.Excersize: Im loving Brad Gansbergs 5K in 100 days. This week was the graduation run. SO excited!!! I did the whole 5K without stopping.  Im also doing a 31 day Challenge hosted by Jen and Clyde. I have committed to run one mile every day for the month of October. On Thursday I had my first 'fail'.  I was nauseated and vomiting, and did not have energy to do anything but crawl into bed as soon as I got home from work at 8PM.   On Tues I did Zumba and Body Pump!! For a breakdown of each days activities check here
4. Water. I drank 100 to 125 oz of water/flavored water every single day except Thurs. I was nauseated and vomiting. So I managed to sip about 25 oz of Sprite flavored water!!

5. Book. Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. Im still on chapter 2. I will give a seperate blog when Im ready to review that chapter.
My statement for Give Yourself the Best Gift:

"This Holiday Season, I want to contine to lose weight. To be healthy, to not fall off the 'wagon'. I want to encourage others in their journey and learn from them. This Christmas I want to be able to say that I have done my best and see a loss on that scale. I want to learn to control what I eat, when I eat, and why I eat. I want to be in control."

Still working on the last two...........(this has been the same since I started!!)
8. (NSV) Financial....I want to make and stick to a budget for Christmas gifts, food, travel..
9. (NSV) Sleep...Giving my body the rest it needs. I was in bed every night last week before 11PM. 



  1. Wow, nice job on fitting into those challenge pants early, AND on finishing up the 5k program!

  2. How exciting this post is.. full of good things..1st U r sooo very close to being out of the 200's...It makes me want to get busy..and get there..The pants..they fit now and The dress I really like it and think that it will look so nice for you...Have a wonderful productive week and next weigh in u will be in the 100's..YES!!!!!

  3. Love picture posts! Clothing as a goal is really motivating. The before and afters are obvious. The goal itself is tangible. You can literally feel, see, button and zip it. Good luck!! You got this! :)

  4. Great pictures. That´s so great that you already fit into your pants. I haven´t tried on my outfit a second time. Maybe I should.
    I love the dress. It will look fabulous on you!

  5. I am close to onederland as well. You are a tad bit closer but we are both super close. If you get there before I do, don't wait up; I'll be there soon. Congratulations.

  6. Love the dress, and you're going to look like a million bucks in it!

  7. Oh girl I am so proud of you. You are doing so awesome. Love this pictures. I so miss Brad's challenge, I can't wait to get back at it soon. Take care Deb and here's to another great and fantastic week. Blessings!!

  8. Oh, you are so close to wonderland. You will get there. Love the pics of the pants. Nothing like a record like that to see how far you have come. Good for you! Have another great week!

  9. Awesome post because there's so much great news!!! I love all the pics! You will be in that dress before you know it!

  10. Yeah for your new jeans fitting!!! The pics show what you are doing is working! Keep it up!

  11. You are doing amazing!! Those pants... such a difference! The side-by-side photos are just so awesome and inspiring. The dress is going to have the same difference by Christmas for sure! Congrats on the 5k too. You are ROCKING IT. :)

  12. Ah Sleep....good for you on getting more of it! That's one of my personal challenges, as well.

  13. I love how "real" you are in your blogging. I try to be the same. I used to only post the "good" pics. Then I realized that this is about reality! And that has helped me tons. you are doing so great and i am so proud of you!!!!! Keep up the good work. Me....well, now that the half marathon is done I am going to get my eating back under control and get back to the gym since the nasty weather is headed here soon. i even heard the S word on the news the other day. i am not ready for snow yet!!!!


  14. Great success! I was noticing that my current pants size is a little looser so maybe in the next week or so I'll try on the next lowest size, which is my goal of size 18:-) it feels great doesn't it??? You'll be rocking that dress soon!

  15. Love all the pics and congrats on thoe pants! The dress will look GREAT!

    - Lisa

  16. I have your 25 day graphic on my post today :)


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