Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Gift Challenge

My statement:

"This Holiday Season, I want to contine to lose weight. To be healthy, to not fall off the 'wagon'. I want to encourage others in their journey and learn from them.  This Christmas I want to be able to say that I have done my best and see a loss on that scale. I want to learn to control what I eat, when I eat, and why I eat. I want to be in control."

 My 7 9 action points:

1. Book. Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst:  I truely love this book. So down to earth, and such common sense!!
In the chapter for this week shes talking about her absent dad.  She says we cant blame out eating on our past, but somehow it seems to shape us.   This is her quote: " To Think on hard things keeps us in hard spots and only serves to deepen our feelings of emotional emptiness."  In other words, dont dwell in the negative, the hard times. Go get help if you need it. Absolutley nothing wrong with going to counseling!!
2.  Calories: Im staying between 900 and 1100. Im in a Triple Dog Challenge and they supply menus for us. This week I only deviated twice. Once to add a 1/2 tsp of PB to breakfast, and once to add 1/2 Low Carb Yogurt and 1/2 Choc milk to make a smoothis for my recovery after a run.

3. Excersize: Im loving Brad Gansbergs 5K in 100 days. I cant believe I can run!! Im also crosstraining with Body Pump, and free weights, and medicine balls. This week I had a total of 168 minutes. This was decreased because on Tues I helped my sister move (instead of doing body pump). Altho I did hurt the next day! Its amazing how heavy dressers, and beds, and TVs etc can be! I also missed Body Pump on Friday. Had hubs in the ER. TWO kidney stones. When I finally got him home, I was up and down the steps every 15 mins checking on him and delivering drinks and pain meds. He sees a doc tomorrow.

4.  Water: My goal is 100 oz a day. Kicked butt on this one!!!

5. I want to find a calorie tracking method. Ive been sticking with Livestrong.  Ill stick with this one, because I know it.

6.  I will post a picture of my scale once a week.

Beginning Weight: 210.2
Current Weight: 207.2
Total Lost: 3.0 lbs
7. I will follow up with others in this Challenge and leave encouragement and praise.  I wasnt able to leave many comments this week. Every time I hit enter, the whole comment would go away.

Still working on the last two...........

8. (NSV) Financial....I want to make and stick to a budget for Christmas gifts, food, travel..

9. (NSV) Sleep...Giving my body the rest it needs.



  1. Wow! A great week! Keep going strong! Michele

  2. Congrats on the loss. yOu really had a killer week, keep this momentum and positive attitude and you will have what you want! I love the budget idea, I set a budget every year but have a little too much fun shopping and break the bank. I really need to NOT do that this year.

  3. Congrats to you on the loss! sorry its taken me so long to get around to commenting. I hope you've had another great week this week!


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