Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Day Challenge and DONUTS!

Now that my sister and her son have moved in with us, Ive gotten used to seeing 'things' appear.  A cat, (I DONT LIKE THEM!) in my basement, a cigarette butt beside my refridgerator, (I HATE SMOKING), Mountain Dew (I only drink diet), Two extra cars in my driveway, (and one in my yard making very deep ruts because he got stuck), and tonight when I got home from work, I found this.
Not just one box, BUT TWO!!! Are you kidding me?!??! Krispy Kremes are one of my all time biggest weaknesses, next to French Fries.  Ive managed to avoid them for 5 hrs now. This is a true test for me.

158 Calories, 12.55 Minutes 1.002 nmiles
I FINALLY DID A MILE IN UNDER 13 MINUTES!! Now I know for some people that acutually a very slow run. BUT for me, its a new PR!!!
Total Exercise today: 5 minute warmup. 13 Minute run. 7 minute cool down. Total 25 mins.


  1. Oh my gosh - I don't know if I could stay away from those donuts! Be strong! You can do it!

    Congrats on your great run!!

  2. I pass by a Krispy Kreme store a couple times a week. The smell nauseates me enough that the temptation is negligible. :D

    It's your home. Set rules. I mean, unless they're paying half-plus of the bills, it's still your place, right? Junk food should be eaten OUT of the house. Smoking out of the house. Etc.

    I know if someone brought those to my house, they'd be in the trash withint 60 seconds. They'd need to pluck out what they immediately planned to eat and hide the rest really well or it gets chucked. Period. People have the right to have what they want in the house they bought. In my house, my rules. In my house and car--no smoking, no undue boozing, no junk food.:D I'm Empress here.

    Anyway, hope you continued to fight off the temptaition!!!!

  3. Wow, I can relate. I have a husband and stepson, both who are not trying to lose weight. Great job on the run! That sounds amazing to me.

  4. CONGRATS ON YOUR PR!!!! That is great!!!

    *Your house, your rules!


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