Friday, September 9, 2011

Thats not on my chore list!

Every year when my kids have a birthday, they are lavished with gifts given a small gift and, my favorite part, a NEW chore.  When they turned 11 they were taught how to wash there own clothes!! YUP, thats right!! I havent done their laundry (except for emergencies and surgeries that inhibited them from going down to the basement) for SEVERAL years!!

SO why is it, that when my 17 year old, very capable, handsome son comes home from college for the weekend,  and lays his stench filled  laundry bag on the kitchen floor, I smile, pick it up and head to the basement???
and I do this......

Two loads of laundry, washed and dryed.

 HMMMMM Wonder what he wants me to do with that empty cookie tub? : )  NO, I AM NOT BAKING COOKIES!!!! I WONT GIVE IN!! CAUSE ID BE VERY TEMPTED TO EAT A DOZEN!! Maybe next time he comes home!!


  1. first time commenting on your blog; I love it with the laundry!! I would have done the same thing, LOL. My son didn't start doing his own laundry until he was a senior in high school, but when he came back to live with us after being a few months on his own, I found myself going into his room looking for clothes that needed washing to make a full load with our clothes :)

    I'm sure your son appreciated it! and I'm thinking you might just make cookies???


  2. Adding a chore is a great idea. My mom should of done that with us girls. I remember ransacking the pile for a favored piece of clothing I wanted to wear to school, but she had not done it. She was so anal about when and how to do it. If we just did a small load she would be angry that we wasted water. She was also very protective of her washer and dryer because she did not want us to break it. So she made it hard on herself doing our laundry all of our years with her.

  3. LOL! What we mothers won´t do for our college kids! haha
    Good for you for not baking cookies. He can always buy some.

  4. Weasel! LOL, Moms do anything for their college kids and they learn that real fast!


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