Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rules: (as posted on the  Christmas Dress Challenge) 1. your starting weight, 2. the size of the dress you're aiming for (can be a guess, adjusted later, if you haven't bought it), 3. the name(s) of the book/workbook you'll be using to work in your particular issue(s), 4. the caloric limit you've set for yourself, 5. the type of exercise(s) you plan to do (at least 3x a week), 6. an (optional) photo/pic of the dress/clothing item  (one already bought or ad image or whatever), 7.  and how many glasses of water/fluids you plan to consume daily (even if it's just a starting guess and can be adjusted later). Ditto with calories: You may start off at a number that doesn't let you lose or is too low and can adjust later. Just need initial stats to serve as YOUR GOALS/TARGETS!

1.  Starting Weight: 209.8  (I found out my camera weights 4 oz! Cause I was 209.4 the first time) :)

2.  Im aiming for size 18.

3. Name of Book: Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst  Made to Crave website
I just looked thru some others challengers linkups and I see some others are using this book too. Since Ive already read that book once, I may try 1000 Gifts By Ann Voskamp instead.  But I need to order it.

4. Caloric Limit: 1100 to 1200

5. Exercise: 5K in 100 days by Brad Gansberg... This is three days a week. 2 Days a week at the gym for free weights, medicine balls, and Body Pump classes.

6. Dress: Im choosing pants and a shirt instead of a dress. Ive gone shopping the last two weeks and looked on the net or several weeks and just cant find something I like or can afford. I really wanted to have it hanging in front of me for inspiration.  I found a pair of pants and a shirt that I like. BUT, the pants, a size 18 FIT!!! YES!!! and when I went back for a 16 or 14 they didnt have one. SO, I chose a differnt style and the 18 was TOO TIGHT!! Right now Im wavering between 20 and 22 depending on the brand. 
The shirt is a 16/18.  And the pants are an 18. I cant wait to use this as a before pic!!!
I would love to lose 15 lbs during this challenge!!

7. Water: 100 oz per day

Looking forward to sharing this journey with each of you!


  1. Hiya Deb, check your challenge linky. I clicked it and it said I didn't have permission to access, so I got here through the back door (your profile). I assume others are having the same problem because you are not getting comments to your post.

  2. What's that I hear? Oh, it's the fanfare celebrating your ultimate success! You are gonna ROCK this challenge!

  3. Hi Deb, sounds like our starts are about the same in the Dress Challenge. Good luck to you!

  4. good luck! I think those 15 pounds are very doable by Christmas!


  5. I love that blouse. That's cute. Oh I know you'll rock this challenge. You have come so far. Good luck.
    Take care and Good bless!!

  6. Nice top and keep up the good job. 258 to 209 is nice progress and looking forward to seeing you get those pants closed.

  7. 15 pounds..yeah, you can do this!!!

    And I look forward to that AFTER pic when everything zips/fits or even is LOOOOOSE!!!

    I've got MADE TO CRAVE on my list of challenge books. It's a new one for me, not a re-read. :D

    Crossing 200 is amazing. I still remember how excited I was, how joyful. You're gonna wanna celebrate!!! Onederland for you..soon!!!


  8. Absolutely you can do this! I love that before pic, soon you'll hear ZIP and the pants will be on!

  9. The after pics will be amazing, very cute outfit. Let me know if you need anything and good luck!! We CAN and WILL do this!!

  10. I am so excited to be doing this challenge with you! Best of luck! Let me know how you like the 1000 gifts book, it looks interesting!

  11. Good luck, Deb!!! You can do it!!


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