Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I gave in....

To my son!!!

Well it only took me 5 days to give in and bake my son his chocolate chip cookies and refill his college tub.
His tub is filled and the rest are in the freezer for the next 'mom I need cookies' refill.

(I really want to lose my two pounds this week, so Im not going to have one of those ooey gooey chocolatey filled cookies this week!)

I have signed up for to track my food and exercise.  Ive seen lots of other blogs that have a picture of their stats, and I was wondering if someone can tell me how they do that?  Id love the accountablity of posting the whats of my food and movement.



  1. Good for you. And what a good mom you are!!! Kudos for no cookies.Gracie

  2. What a great mom you are!! And to make ahead and freeze for the next time around!! Good for you too to avoid having one of them; they do look good!


  3. On MFP if you haven't already set up your goals page and input your weight and measurements. I went in and put my original weight and measurements so the weight loss ticker would reflect where I have come from.

    After you get that info in it will show up on your side page of MFP. Below the box it will say add to your site and click there for the html code, then add it to your blog. I hope that makes sense and isn't too confusing.

    Good luck this next week.


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