Sunday, September 4, 2011

Half Way There!!!!!!!!!

207!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Ive reached my first BIG Goal. 50 pounds gone!!

Its been a long hard journey!! And Ive learned so much!! Its taken over a year! BUT, finally, a sigh, Im half way there!!!!!!!!

What Ive learned:
1.  I can not eat dessert after evey meal and still lose weight
2. I can walk up that 1 mile hill outside my house, and NOT die.
3. I have willpower. (sometimes its still a bit weak) BUT, I know its there.
4. I love to hear. "Deb, youre looking good."
5. I can see my shoes when I tie them.
6. Strawberry Ice Cream does not count as a fruit.
7. Spinach in a smoothie tastes awesome.
8. I love walking.
9. I fit in the armed chair at my moms kitchen table.
10. Not all jeans come with stretch waist bands
11. My son can hug me and his hands go the whole way around me.

This summer I was a part ofDebbi and Mirs Slimmer Summer Challenge.  I stayed on plan for exercise and hyrdrating. It was great accountablity. This fall im planning on joining in Mirs Christmas Dress Challenge.  Im working on my goals, and will post in the next few days.

Have a blessed week.


  1. Way to go.....awesome feeling isn't it?....I just reached my 50lbs a couple of weeks ago.....

    I loved your list, it was great!!!

  2. I love this post! I'm so proud of you! Here's to the next leg of this journey and all that you'll learn about yourself. :)

  3. Awesome job!!! Great list of what you've learned!

  4. I love the list...some may think how funny anyone can do that, but we know to us it is a stretch to do some of the things and to see our toes...That hill can seem like mount everest at times...I wish you all the best..Keep that positive I can attitude..

  5. wow, congrats that is freakin' awesome. See you in the Christmas dress challenge!

  6. YAY!!!!!!! Congrats, Deb! I'm so, so happy for you! What an awesome accomplishment!!


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