Sunday, September 25, 2011

1.  Starting Weight: 209.8   Todays weight 210.2  Down 1/2 lb from last week. But still up from the starting weight.
2.  Im aiming for size 18. Starting at 20-22.

3. Name of Book:  1000 Gifts By Ann Voskamp.  This book is intransit somewhere in New York. Amazon still hasnt put this book in my hands, so Im reading Made to Crave, til it gets here.
Quote of the week. "French fries dont love me. The only lasting things they give me are cholesterol and cellulite"  Shes talking about not turning to food to fill that empy spot or give us that 'high' that makes us feel good.

4. Caloric Limit: 1100 to 1200   I was able to do this. Some days even under 1000.  The end of the week with the viewings and funerals, I waited til the end of the day to track, and Im sure I missed some calories!!

5. Exercise:   5K in 100 days by Brad Gansberg... This is three days a week. 2 Days a week at the gym for free weights, medicine balls, and Body Pump classes.   I did Brads 5K for 2 days, Saturday I ran a 5K. New personal record. 41 mins 45 secs.   I also did body pump at the gym on Tues.

6. I would love to lose 15 lbs during this challenge!! I guess  its still 16 lbs I want to lose!

7. Water: 100 oz per day  Kicked this one!!! The girls at work (docs office) keep insisting I be tested for diabetes because 'noone drinks that much on purpose.'  So I gave in and during the week they tested my BS.  60 fasting 120 post eating.  They are now convinced!!!

Im going to follow Allens menus starting Monday.  Looks very doable to me.

Have a blessed week!!  Hopefully next week, my loss will be more!


  1. Hey you may have only lost .5 but you are almost back at your starting weight. Good job. Maybe you should raise your calories to 1200 I heard that if you are under 1200 you are actually starving your body especially since you work out you are burning a lot of the few calories you are putting in. Just a thought but either way I think your doing good you noticed your mistakes and are moving past them and fast :) Next week I have a feeling you will be under your starting weight. Good luck this week!!

  2. Think of how great that size 18 is going to feel, go get it lady!!

  3. This is just the beginning of the challenge. You can do it! I don't think I could ever eat under 1000 calories. I get sooo hungry! LOL

    Keep going on the water ;)

    I looked on Allens blog to find a menu but couldn't find one. I'd like to see it though.

    Good luck this week. You'll do great!

  4. I drink a lot of water, too. I proofed it that when I did not keep on top of it and still kept track of my diet, my scale progress was slow. It is a primitave way of proof, but THIS one I think I hit right. As comparison to a primitive proofing like if I caught a cold on the only day I drank a soda, then the cause of the cold is soda, perhaps...LOL I don't drink soda. I like am a former addict and doing good on my Soda Anonymous steps. Or just burned out from free soda at work for many years.

  5. Body Pump ROCKS!!! Such a fun workout.

    Excellent work this week, so keep it up!

  6. Glad this was a better week for you. I may have to read that book....I think mine is lost somewhere. I lv that quote may have to print it and put it where I can keep seeing it. When I first did allans challenge last year, my doc made me do lab to check my electrolytes due to the fluids.....they were perfect....and she is now a big fan of his diets.
    Hope this is a great week for you and that the weigh-in rocks next week.

  7. Great week! And congrats on the 5k time! That is excellent!

  8. Good luck this week with the new menu. You did awesome on your 5K, mine is next Saturday. Take care and God Bless!!

  9. You're doing amazing! Food, exercise, water oh my! You must be super proud of yourself, that is all fantastic. :)

  10. Congrats on the 5k! I drink a lot of water too & people actually think it's unhealthy...I can't even believe that they can believe that!

  11. great job on the 5k, the preparation for that is a challenge in itself so i know you will do sounds like your doing a wonderful job with the weight loss and drinking water so keep it up:)

  12. Nice job this past week with your calories and exercising!! If you keep this up, you'll lose those pesky 16lbs before the year is up for sure! :)

  13. Good job! A loss is a loss and another step closer to your goal. I am reading Made to Crave for my main book... if I can find it again lol. I hope your book arrives soon!


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