Friday, August 12, 2011

Stinky situation.

I have a stinky sticky situation.

I work in a doctors from 730A to 830 P. We see people of all classes, the wealthy snotty adults whos parents hand their kids fistfuls of money to very poor Amish. From Farmers to CEOs. From Self pay to Medical Assistance to awesomely insured.

One day, during a break around 430P I went to the waiting room to straighten up, and I noticed some foul, eye watering, body odor. I sprayed deoderant and moved on. I was back in the office, and I noticed the odor followed me everywhere I went. I figured it mustve been on my clothes.

When I got home, my son said, "Wow, mom, you stink." I explained that it was just on my clothes.
I went to take a shower and was mortified to realize IT WAS ME!!!!!

For years, like since I was a teenager, I have used Lady Speed Stick. Since this horrible scent revolt, I have tried, Secret, Dove, and Toms. NONE of them work. So on Saturday, I broke down and bought the EXPENSIVE prescription strength stuff. Ive used it for about a week now, and its a little better, but still not quite right.

Im desperately seeking advice!! Brands, sprays, powders, etc.


  1. Have you been eating something new? Maybe it is effecting your sweat glands???? Hope you can figure it out. That would be really distracting.

  2. Hum....I'm not sure what to think about the stink. (I had to go there) Wonder if it's hormones? Our bodies are so strange!

    Hope you find the answer soon! Keep focused!

  3. Hi Deb. Thank you for thinking about me. Just got back (about 2 hours ago) from the BWCA for a 10 day trip and haven't had time to do anything but open my mail. I so apprecaite you asking if all is okay. Thank you!! I'll be back in a few days (I think).
    About your BO, I heard that from my best friend and so far she hasn't found anything except showering twice daily. She didn't start the BO until she turned 40 and her doctor said after menopause it'll get better again.
    I hope you get this figured out. Take care and again, thank you for asking.
    Have a great and blessed week.
    P.S. Went logged 29 miles of hiking and 36 miles of paddling. Ate way to much processed foods but up there no choice, can't have a lettuce salad.

  4. Have you been taking any new medications?


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