Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week 7 Slimmer Summer WrapUp

WOW I cant believe its been 7 weeks!!

This week I started my 'walking to Atlanta' journey. I cant wait til this heat/humidity breaks so that I can do some more outdoor walking!  I keep talking about getting a treadmill for here at home, but so far I havenot found one in our price range that has the 'qualities' Im looking for.
Im signed up for a 5K next Saturday and Im hoping to get some more intervals in this week.

I would really like to get back to the gym. (Its a 20 minute drive) My days off have been filled with running children to docs appts (2 hrs away) and mowing yard for a friend who has cancer (1.5 hrs away) My life will get back to 'normal' here soon! (I hope) But, I am very thankful for my friends and children, and Im enjoying their interruptions!!

Have a blessed week!!

Weekly wrap up:

Weight: 211 (down 2) Im 3 pounds away from my 50 pound goal!! Next week!?!?!? MMm that would be so awesome!!

Calories: 1020
Water:  120
Movement: walk/jog intervals for 90 mins
Sleep: yes
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins:  yes

Calories: 1082
Water: 140
Movement: walked/jogged intervals for 45 mins
Sleep: yes by 10
Moisterize:  yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories: 120 (I had a major migraine and couldnt eat anything!)
Water: 75
Movement: Turning over in my bed.
Sleep: ALL DAY
Moisterize: no
Vitamins: no

Calories: 850 (still a bit nauseated from the migraine)
Water: 125
Movement: no
Sleep: yes BY 10!!! YES
Moisterize: Yes
Vitamins: Yes

Calories: 1250
Water: 120
Movement: Walked/jogged  4 miles
Sleep: not by 10
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories: 1510
Water: 160
Movement: 15 minutes I tried to do walk run intervals but it was SO hot and humid. I got lightheaded so I stopped.
Sleep: yes BY 10!!
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories: 2010
Water: 150
Movement:  Still very hot, I donated blood this AM and, I didnt want a repeat of yesterday, so I did some light cleaning, but nothing that took a lot of engery.
Sleep: not by 10
Moisterize: no


  1. So close to that 50 pound goal, can't wait to celebrate it next week with you! I agree on the heat - go away so we can enjoy the outdoors more!!! Here's to a good week sister!

  2. Wow not only are you so close to 50...but look how close to being under 200!!!!!! I can't wait to get to where you are..So very excited for you..

  3. Keep at it. I agree about the heat. It has been oppressive here in Indiana as well. The weeds have gotten ahead of me but I just can't work out in this. I water at night and still sweat just standing holding a hose! This heat has to break sometime.

  4. YEAH!!! 50 lbs is awesome, I remember. You go girl. I've got to get back to working on all of this. I flunked bit time this past week.
    Good luck on your Walking to Atlanta. I am so proud of all your great work.
    Take care and have a blessed week.

  5. Wow 50 pounds. That is so awesome.

  6. Great job! I am rooting for you making that 50 pound goal next week!


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