Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slimmer Summer Week 5 Wrapup

Weight: 213   Back down to where I was two weeks ago!! Was kind of secreatly hoping for a bigger loss, but this is so very ok. I didnt cheat myself and eat foods I shouldnt have, I did my excersize, So this is very much ok.

Ive learned that one days that I work (3 days at 13hrs) I do great on my water. I have it there at my desk and I just keep drinking. On my days off, I stink at it. I run here and there and up and down, and Im not getting enough water. I have to figure out where to keep it, or how to remind myself to do it.

And my vitamins, Im forgetting them again. Id love to keep them with my toothbrush to remind me, but its a big nono to keeps in the bathroom. (the heat makes them less potent, etc....) I no longer eat a bedtime snack, so I cant keep them there either. HMMM, Ill have to do some thinking and figure this one out.

Im not doing very good on my being in bed by 10PM either. I work 3 13 hr days. So I get home by 830PM ish, eat supper, and then I have two part time jobs that I do from home.   They both take up about 30 mins every night. By that time its 10PM and I havent had time to relax yet.  Giving up these jobs is not an option at this point. 

Thats my week in a nutshell.
God Bless

Calories:  1210
Water: 160
Movement: Walked with family (leisure) 45 mins
Sleep: No
Moisterize:  YES
Vitamins:  YES

Calories: 1110
Water: 120
Movement: None
Sleep:  YES By 10PM WHOO HOO!! Finally, I did  it.
Moisterize: YES
Vitamins: NO

Calories: 845
Water: 60
Movement: 45 mins treadmill, 45 mins free weights, 30 mins med ball
Sleep: No
Moisterize: NO
Vitamins: NO

Calories: 1645 (ouch)
Water: 120
Movement: no
Sleep no
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: no

Water:  155
Movement: walk for 60 mins around town (LONG one mile hill that I conquered!)
Sleep: no
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: yes

Water: 65
Movement: 45 mins free weights, 7 mins elliptical, 30 mins med ball, 20 mins treadmill
Sleep:  no
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: no

Calories: 895
Water: 55
Movement: no
Sleep: no
Moisterize: no
Vitamins: no


  1. wow, you did great on the calories.

    I keep forgetting my vitamins, too. I don't eat breakfast, usually, so I don't take them in the morning, and then I forget to take them later.

  2. It's always tough to hang in the same general weight area. Make reaching all your goals daily your focus and the weight will move in the right direction. You know what to do! We all do.

  3. I am curious about your spending 45 minutes with free weights. I get bored even when I work two muscle groups and always finish in like 25 minutes. Are there youtube vids or some other link that shows technique and how to go for that long.... very very new to it (sadly!). You had a good week, don't beat yourself up.

    As far as the vitamins, I put my morning meds in a little cup right by my deoderant. I'll never forget to use that stick of Secret - so I take my mes right then as well.

  4. Always be happy for a loss. Any loss. Loss is the right direction, right? :)

    Let's have a great week. Consistency for life is key. One day and one week at a time for life, and we can do amazing stuff.

    Happy week to you!

  5. If you get tired or headachy while running errands, dehydration is often the culprit. I keep bottled water in the car. It gets warm in the summer but at least it is wet.

  6. I bought one of those little weekly pill containers to put my vitamins in. Really helps to remember. Might help you.

    One thing I do with water is drink one glass right away in the morning. Really helps.

    Here is hoping for a bigger loss next week!

  7. Sounds like you're doing great! NICE on those calories and tracking!! I need to add moisturize to my things to do. I am dry, dry, dry!

  8. You are doing great! Keep up the good work! I can tell you are working really hard!! Nicole @

  9. Mir/Princess Dieter pointed out Intermittent Fasting in a blog post and it made me think of clock and eating. I really think the clock in references to eating and sleeping have a very strong influence to a body @ diet mode. To make goals for sleep and no eat past a certain time are great. I have heard doctors say "No snacks at night". And we all have heard it...I am sure.

    Oh_mg pointed out on her blog that Google celebrated Aesop's Fable the Tortoise and the Hare. The caption in French is almost symbolic to a dieter. It runs in my mind...these bloggie contributions of wisdom. Much better than a blank and lonely dieting...

    Oh I stop and edit when the captcha is almost spiritual or weird. This one is "percu" and I am sure that translates from French to mean something and it means (percue) perceive, received according to translator. I like that random magic of captcha.

  10. You're doing really good, Deb!! Like Michelle above, I put all my pills in a weekly pill container, and it makes it so much easier for me to remember to take them! Give it a try.

  11. Hey my dear, you won a coupon so if you stop by and give me your address I'll send it off to you.
    You are doing awesome. Keep up the great work. I am so proud of all that you've been doing. YEAH!!!
    Take care and have an awesome and blessed weekend.


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