Sunday, July 3, 2011

Slimmer Summer Week 4 Wrapup

Weight:  214  My first gain since May. But, Im not upset, I know I did everything right. (Well, not everything, noones perfect). But, I cant think of anything that I would change, except maybe change Wednesday and Fridays calorie intake. 
MotherNature came calling this morning and I am so very bloated.  In three days I will back down to 213 and maybe!! even lower. I am a woman, and theres no way for me to control it!! So smile, and accept it, and just keep going!!
Overall I think I had a successful week. 

Calories 1115
Water: 90oz
Movement: day off
Sleep: Not by 10
Moisterize: NO
Vitamins: NO

Calories 1650
Water: 145 oz
Movement: walk around town 1 hr
Sleep: Not by 10
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories  950
Water: 65
Movement: 30 mins free weights, 30 mins treadmill, 30 mins med ball
Sleep:Not by 10
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: no

Calories:  1700 (someone brought us lunch to work, and I splurged! :( I shouldve gotten my packed lunch out of the fridge!!)
Water: 110
Movement: no
Sleep:Not by 10
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories: 1205
Water: 120
Movement: Walk around town 1 hour
Sleep: Not by 10
Moisterize: yse
Vitamins: yes

Calories: 2100 (OUCH!!!! Not good planning today!!! )
Water: 115
Movement: 45 mins free weights 6 mins elliptical
Sleep: YES Finally!! First one this week!
Moisteriz e: yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories: 1210
Water: 120
Movement: walk for 45 mins. Weedeated the flower bed
Sleep:  YES
Moisterize: YES
Vitamins: YES


  1. I love the moisturize part of your goals, it's cute and it rocks. Here's to doing great and losing this week!!!

  2. I had a bum week too. We are starting over tomorrow and keeping track of everything! This weight has to go!

  3. You are doing a lot of things right. Next week will be better with the bloat gone and if you know of a few things to correct - no worries. Don't let up and success will be yours!!

  4. You did great on the calories, don't worry about the weight, the body fluctuates. Keep doing well and it will pay off!

  5. Nah don't be upset! You are doing great and this will be your week! Keep up the good work the proof will shine through Nicole

  6. That's the attitude! It will roll right off! here is to another great week!


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