Friday, July 8, 2011

Reason or Excuse?!?!?!?

Plans were to go swimming today, but then it started raining. It started before anyone should have been out of bed, and it continued, nonstop til I left the gym.

Since we couldnt go the pool, my daughter and I went to the gym. I pulled into the parking spot and was sitting in my van, and the rain was coming down, and I just sat there. I didnt feel like going inside. I was tired. I looked at my daughter and said, 'Lets go to DQ and get some ice cream.' I knew that was wrong, but I just didnt 'feel' like getting out of the van and walking thru the rain the get to the front door. Would I melt? NAh, just clump. I knew I was making up excuses just because I was feeling lazy. After a scolding.

 I drug myself, kicking and screaming, thru the parking lot, up the steps, and in the door.

Once I started I felt GOOD!!! Sweat!!

On the other hand, I also believe there are days our body says, we are to just stay home! To sit on the couch, to enjoy the family, or just crawl in bed. This is not an 'I dont wanna' excuse. Its a 'my body cant do this today' reason. Twice I have disobeyed my body and pushed myself to walk, or go to the gym, and I have collapsed/felt worse and I couldnt finish.

Listen to your body!!! Your brain will tell you if its an excuse or a reason.



  1. I have had those days for sure! So glad you pushed through and got it done!!

    Keep focused!

  2. This has been me with my running. I just can't do it. Just to toast so been back to walking and doing what I can and when things slow down the my exercise will pick back up.
    Thanks for stopping by. Also Happy birthday to your daughter, a bit late but still a happy one!!
    Take care and God Bless!!


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