Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not just a food thing

The other day I ran across the following blog: and this is a portion of what he had to say.

Heart on my (Gastric) Sleeve
Obesity is never JUST a food issue. It’s the manifestation of a vice – a bondage – an addiction, Obesity is never JUST a food issue. It’s the manifestation of a vice – a bondage – an addiction. When you see someone on the streets stumbling and slurring with a wine bottle in hand, their behavior and outer appearance is a manifestation of their condition. Their pain and torment caused them to take that drink and get to where they are today. It’s no different with obesity. What you see on the outside of me, was a feeble attempt to apply salve to my wounds in the form of food. Just because it wasn’t a bottle to my lips, or some powder snorted in my nose, or a needle in my vein – doesn’t make it any less harmful or any less deadly.

HMMMM.. after mulling this around in my head for several days.............What issues am I dealing with, or have I dealt with that caused me to turn to food as my comfort? And why turn to food? Why didnt I turn to excersize? Why did I harm myself instead of help myself? By hurting myself I hurt my family. I provided by choices for them, because thats what I wanted! This weight loss journey is so much more than 'just weight loss'.
Right now, Its easy for me to drag my lazy butt off the couch and take a walk. BUT, so hard for me to reach deep down in my innards and discover/deal with the real truth. The real feelings, the true problems. Ive buried them deep inside and want them to stay there!! If they come out, Im afraid Ill eat again. Im afraid of doing more damage to me and my family by offering poor food choices.
This is a road that needs to be traveled. Am I ready?



  1. Thank you for posting this. It almost brought me to tears, it's been a really rough week here and I have been struggling with this very self-conversation. I have tried writing down my feelings when I eat, I usually come up with 'boredom'. I don't know........... when will we be ready for this journey but how does it even start? It's a tough question.

  2. Good evening Deb. First, thank you for your kind and wonderful comment today. That made my day.
    Second I hear you, it's hard. Why is it easier to pick up the muffin or string cheese then to just head out the door for a stroll or even just pick up the weights.?. You can do this, we can do this and in the end just think how healthy we'll be. It'll be great.
    take care and God Bless!!

  3. Wow tough things to think about. I guess I mulled all that around for a lot of years. Finally I decided that it did not matter why, I just knew I had to do something. So I set my plan and I work hard each day to reach my goals. The more success I get with the healthier decisions I make the easier it gets to say to no unhealthy choices. That's what has worked for me.

    Keep focused!!!


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