Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Saturday Workout

I love playing in my flower beds. They are still small, but such great therapy!!  I havent had much time to pull weeds and deadhead lately, so Saturday I played some catch up. And boy are my calves and backside are sore!!

Thanks to my daughter for taking the pics.

I watered some of the spots. Makes pulling the weeds so much easier!!!  

Nasturtium. A great friend of mine, eats these. I havent gotten that brave yet.
Only one flower left on my vine.

You can still see my muffin top.


  1. A day well spent! That muffin top is going down..... ;)

  2. Beautiful flowers! And working in the yard is, definitely, exercise, so you were able to enjoy your flowers, and get a workout in - yay!


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