Saturday, July 23, 2011

Loud obnoxious woman

OK!! I hate to complain about things people. Im a roll with the punches, roll off your shoulder kind of gal.

BUT, today I got really really frustrated an was taken over by an alien!!

Today I was sitting in a church basement surrounded by men and women in white coats, voluteers with cookies, juices, water, lengthy reading material, and a helping arm. Approx 10 people sitting on hard chairs with stickers on their chest that said, "I donated".  The people several rows behind me, Amish, were passing the time talking away in Pennsylvania Dutch. The young girl behind me was listening (and humming) to her ipod.   Then this rather large, obnoxious, loud lady  beast (and her very young granddaughter) walked in and after reading her material, sat down right beside me. After several loud harumphs and sighs she looks at me and says rather loudly, "My appointment was at 11AM and its now 1110 and Im still sitting here. Why would they call me to make an appt when they arent even going by appointment times. Followed by several swear words and derogotory remarks.  The Amish men became very quiet, the Red Cross worker at the table dropped the ice he was using, and the volunteers gasped.

At first, I was rather taken aback and wanted to rebury my nose in my book.(this is my normal behavior AVOID AVOID AVOID)

BUT, instead of ignoring the statement, some alien took over my body and started talking. I said something like, Isnt it wonderful that there are so many people who want to give blood to save a life. Im sure thats why they are behind and Im sure they will do their best to get you back there as soon as they can.  Why dont you QUIETLY walk over to the table and speak KINDLY to the volunteer, and ask how long it will be? Im sure they can give you an approximate wait time.   She proceeded to tell me that theyll just tell her to sit down and they will call her when its her turn. AND why should she speak quietly? Everyone needs to know that they are behind and not doing their job right.

So I replied, Im sure if you change your attitude and do it with a kind tone of voice they will be happy to help you. And everyone who is already here, knows that they are behind. Yelling it out isnt going to inform anyone who doesnt already know.  Its more likely for you to have a positive outcome if you speak in a kind tone and dont come across as rude. 

Then she said, Wait, are you saying Im rude?!?? And I just wanted to crawl under my chair. Everyone was watching me. Where was the Red Cross person in charge?!??!?!
And again this alien voice, told her that in my opinion, I thot her actions, words, and tone of voice were very rude. Her mouth fell open and before she could start, I asked, 'If your granddaughter would have said what you said, would you have punished her or would you have rewarded her by giving her what she wanted? You reminded me of a child who wanted a toy in Walmart and the mom told him no.  If the Volunteers take you back now before the rest of us who had appts before yours, its like rewarding your inappropriate behavior.  I have a lot of things to do today, but if you wouldve politely asked if you could go first because (insert good excuse) I wouldve said yes. BUT, when you act demanding and use foul language Ill keep my time!

In a tone just slightly less aggitated than the first time, she asked me what my appointment time was supposed to be. I explained that I didnt think that was important. (My appt was actually 1030 and I figured shed get rather upset knowing that they were already 45 mins behind.) I did tell her that after she spoke to the Red Cross lady, Id be happy to let her borrow my book if that would help her pass the time. She refused. (for which I was thankful for, cause I really wanted to keep reading)

She got up, spoke to the Red Cross lady, who took her to the kitchen.

As I was leaving my donation table she was being take back to the cubicle to be 'interviewed'. She apologized! and gave some 'lame' excuse about having her granddaughter all weekend and being tired, etc.. I shook her hand and told her Im glad she was able to stay and donate, and I hoped the rest of her day would be blessed.


  1. That is handled it perfectly!

  2. Wow, let that alien take over - they need more of them in the world who speak with a calm, collective tone while still being able to change a situation and get someone to realize their lousy attitude. Kudos!

  3. Good for you. The perfect way to handle such a situation. I'm not sure I could of done that, I'm more the hide and ignore but am proud of you and your words. You did well.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  4. Yes, good for you! I think you handled it beautifully! You should be so proud of yourself, Deb!


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