Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IM walking to Atlanta Ga

Thank you to  Tanya with Right to Bare Arms for the great inspiration.  Shes walking to Boston. 
Im walking to Atlanta GA. Ive always wanted to visit Atlanta, and see the beautiful architecture and explore the gorgeous gardens.

I have 508 miles to cover.  To do this in 4 months (before my cold winter sets in) I need to walk 4 miles per day. Im sure I wont walk every day. But, I like having a goal!!

We are having a step contest at work. We each track our steps for the week, and the winner gets a prize. The grand prize at the end of 5 weeks is a Kindle. Id LOVE to own a Kindle!!
Unfortunealty, I work for a company that employs aprox 1000 people, and the chance of each of them being honest is pretty unlikely. Two years ago was a fiasco!!! In our office (of which 7 people are competing) we are having a second contest. We each put $5.00 in the envelope, and the winner among us will take the envelope. Im our team captain, and Im hoping to get a few small prizes to award during the six weeks leading up to the finale.

Time to head south!!


  1. LOL! I started a walk from Washington to California on July 7! Its great!


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