Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slimmer Summer Week 3 Wrapup

Slimmer Summer  Challenge
Weight 213   Down 2 more. This was a surprise. After the 5K yesterday I ate quite a bit!! And I really expected it to be higher. What a nice surprise!!

Calories  1250
Water: 55
Movement:  65 min walk
Sleep: 11p
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories 1700
Water: 150
Movement: day off
Sleep: late
Moisterize: yes

Calories  450 (BFF admitted to hospital and everything tasted like cardboard, just couldnt eat)
Water: 70
Movement: 45 mins walk, 30 min  med ball, 30 min free weights, 45 min treadmill
Sleep: 11p
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: no

Calories550 (having problems eating, just not hungry! Stress messes with my head and stomach!!)
Water:  150
Movement: none
Sleep: 1am
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: no

Calories  1315
Water: 125
Movement: walk 30 mins
Moisterize: no

Calories 1230
Water: 60
Movement:walk 30 mins
Sleep: 1030. (a little late)

Calories 1740 (I always eat more after a 5K!!)
Water: 140
Movement: 5K
Sleep: I was exhausted! Even with  a nap I was in bed by 10.
Moisterize: Yes
Vitamins: No


  1. Wow! Congrats on the 2 lb loss. I am finding that after I run that I am eating a lot. I just blogged about it today actually. I am working to figure it out! I see you are really alterning your calories from day to day and that helps with weight loss too so your body doesnt get too used to the same amount. But be careful on the days you are eating less than 1000. they say that can slow your metabolism and work against you. You are doing great! Keep it up!


  2. It's good to eat after a run, as long as it's healthy eats:-) KUDOS on participating in a run and making it through. I hope your friend is doing well:-) Congrats on the numbers!

  3. Well done on the loss. I wish I could get that much water in every day! Have a great week 4.

  4. Good job, you are on your way - glad we're in this together. A 5k is a goal of mine, you're such an inspiration girl!

  5. You are doing great! Keep it up. Glad you got your appetite back after those two days :)

  6. Great loss. Great accomplishment with the running. You are doing so well. It's a good feeling for you I am sure. Congratulations.

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  8. Rock it! A common misconception is that what you eat Tuesday will affect what you weigh Wednesday. This is not true, it takes about 36 hours to settle. That being said when you move more you need more calories and your body is in the mode to use those calories right after exercise. Also if you eat foods in high sodium you will see an instant gain that will be reflected for at least two days. That is because it will cause instant water weight and it takes the body about 48 hours to release this water.

    Keep moving you are doing great!

  9. You're doing great! Keep it up. :)

  10. Excellent!! Have a great Week 4!

  11. Fantastic weight loss!! Keep it coming off!


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