Monday, June 13, 2011

Slimmer Summer Goals

This challenge is about losing weight this summer.
For me, weight loss goals include so much more than just calories and exercise! In order to lose weight I need a positive attitude and encouragement.

Direct Weight Loss goals

Goal 1. Continue to track my daily food intake on  I have done this! and daily caloric in take has been between 1000 and 1200.
Goal 2. My exercise goal is 3 days a week at the gym. Ive been doing this!! I actually did a 5K this week!!

Goal 3. Improve my fruits and veggie intake. Im still working on this. Ive added more fruit. The veggies are still hard to find on my food diary!

Goal 4. Continue to drink a minimum of 64 oz of water daily.  I have been having between 75 and 100 oz per day., Ive noticed that my days at work Im more successful than my days at home.  Something to work on!
Goal 5. Facial Care. All nights but one! I call that success
Goal 6. Sleep!   Totally failed on this one!!!  

Goal 7. Remember to take my multivitamin, calcium, and vitamin D EVERY DAY!! I think I did this every night but one
Weight down 3 lbs!
I think Ive had a successful week!! Pushin on to week Two!!

I have a hard time making the Monday deadline. (I dont get home from work til at least 830P. So Im thinking of having my weekly wrap up on Saturday or Sunday instead of Monday.


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  2. I tried to leave a comment but it showed up as my hubby's profile! Just wanted to say you're doing great. Keep it up :-)

  3. I was also doing better with water during the week than on the weekends, however my body got used to being hydrated and I didn't feel too well without always having my water bottle with me. Your body wants the water, be nice to it!

  4. 3 lbs. gone !!! Awesome girl, keep it up !!!

  5. Great job on the 3 lbs lost! Keep it up!!!

  6. Good for you. I like the way you list out the goals and tell if you're met them. I think even if you hadn't lost weight the week would have been successful because you are doing the things you've set out to do. The weight loss is icing on the cake. It's wonderful.

    I totally fail on sleep, too, usually. And it's so important.

    Thanks for sharing the journey.

  7. I just started following your blog. It's very good and you have very good goals. Sleep is a hard one for me also. So are the veggies. I love fruit though, so that's not a problem. Keep up the good work. Let us know if you need any support, that's what we are here for. :)

    Great job on the 3 lb weight loss this week. :)

  8. Three pounds is a great start. Let's not let up and August 28 will be sweet success. Just think of how we are going to feel when we can say we did it.

  9. Excellent start on the Slimmer challenge. I do my weekly wrap up on Friday, just works better for me. So I am guessing you can do it on Sat or Sun.

  10. Nice on the weight loss and goals!! That water intake is awesome! I need to get more veggies in too! Can't wait to see how you did this week!


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