Friday, June 17, 2011

Relay for Life

My wonderful husband was diagnosed with Melanoma on September 28, 2004. He was given 9 months to live. The Master Physician had other plans! Corey always said, "If He is finished with me on earth He will give me the ultimate healing in heaven." 

For each lap around the track we added a purple bead to our necklace. The fourth lap we added a white bead. (One mile!!)
Storm clouds thunder and lightening moved in and we were all sent to our cars for about 30 mins. But, thanfully the sun came back out and so did the participants!!

The survivors as they pass the Hope Luminaries.
The Survivor Lap!

Our official walk time was 10P to 11P but we got started early. Ambers goal was a 5K. We surpassed that and made it to more than 7 miles!

We were treated to fireworks after the Luminary ceremony.
What a beautiful night!!

God Bless


  1. I love the Relay but haven't been able to go for the past few years. I love what your husband said about his cancer and it's absolutely true. Healing will always come if not hear in heaven. God never fails us.

  2. What a cool experience. I love the "hope" luminaries. Did those get lit up at night. Must have been inspiring...

    Congrats on 7 miles. I can't walk that. My left knee starts to give when the muscles fatigue (bad ligaments), so it must have FELT good.

    My hubby is an at-risk person. He gets a full body check every year and some years they cut out a suspicious bit of dermis. He's lost at least half a dozen chunks over the years. I keep him out of the sun and give him Vitamin D to make up for the loss of exposure. We tend to go to the beach when it's closer to sunset, when we do go.

    I hope you and hubby and your daughter get to enjoy a full complement of family years with joy, and may cancer not darken your doorstep ever again....

  3. WOW that is wonderful! Congrats to all of you!!! Nicole @

  4. That is awesome Deb. Just totally awesome. I am proud of you all.
    Relax now and have a blessed Sunday.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. The recipe for the zucchini is under my recipes tab. It's my favorite lunch :-)

  6. Absolutely awesome! Good for you.


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