Tuesday, June 14, 2011

college or bust

Spent the day at college!!

Ok well, not for me. (altho someday Id LOVE to go back!) Did you know that now a days they actually hava bathrooms in the dorm room!! Theres no shower in the middle of the hall with stalls that you have to share with 15 other girls!! WOW~!~

My son signed up for his fall classes, and had a small orientation! Met with the bowtie wearing honors dept chairpeson. Long, but very good day!!

Todays stats:

Sleep. HA! YEah right!
Calories: 899 (Im having a hard time eating enough food lately! Whats up with that!!)
Water: 40 oz REALLY BAD!!! I forgot to take my water bottle with me today! :( I sure can tell it tonight!!
Face: YES!!!
Vitamins: Yes!!!
Movement: 30  mins free  weights   45 mins treadmill    20 mins med ball and fit ball. AND walking all over campus!!


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  1. I have a disease on my legs called NLD. It is rare but leaves unsightly marks on your legs. There is no cure for it. That is why I don't wear dresses. Even some capris won't make the cut and definitely no shorts


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