Monday, June 27, 2011


Has anyone tried the Atkins diet?

My daughter has suffered from absence seizures since she was in Kindergarten. Meds are not controlling them, and lately they seem to be getting worse. ie......... dropping things, short term memory loss, migraines, rigidity...

Today we saw the eptologist in Pittsburgh.  We had a great morning. We discussed diet. Before we left, Amber did lots of research and came up with two, that the doc agreed with. We are going to try the Atkins diet. In her mind the high protein would be easier to follow. The other one is very restrictive and hard for adults to follow.We will do a baseline for kidney and liver functions tomorrow. The high protien diet may cause a decrease in seizures and will also hopefully help with weight loss.

We discussed surgery. Not appropriate for Amber since her whole brain seizes rather than starting in a portion and then spreading., AND Amber doesnt usually feel it coming on, so she wouldnt be able to use the magnet.

Meds We increased the meds.

Headaches, Adding magnesium and Vit B6, and Imitrex when we know for sure its a migraine.

She gave us a printout of herbs that will not interact with her meds and that she appoves of for seizures and headaches.

So we have a lot to work on. We are starting with the Atkins diet, and looking for books etc.

If youve used the Atkins diet, what books or websites did you find useful?



  1. You did excellent on your run. YEAH!!! I found out drinking water while I was running made me feel sick. I don't know if it happens to others or not but didn't work for me.
    I don't know about Atkins but have heard a few good things about it. Good luck with it and finding the right combination for you daughter. My friend I told you about is on a low carb diet but it isn't working well for her, she is having issues with the hiccup siezures.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Carb Tripper is Low Carber and Fitcetera and I am but I am not as well researche as much as they . I am just counting my carbs (and calories but Atkins I think does not believe in needing to count calories, I think) and eating the foods on the Atkin's list, then using the food diary on My Fitness Pal to plan my day. I did the Atkins fully in 2004 for about 2 months, but I did it wrong and ate mounds of meat. I just thought Oh I can eat all the meat I want. Well as an overeater, that can be a lot. Then I failed in the second month because I worked at a Truck Stop right next to fast food and chip and hot dog loving Truckers (oh and fresh donut mornings).

    Carb Tripper (Anne H) scroll to the bottom of her blog for her reference pages.
    Fitcetera's Blog "Bike n Butter", she is peeling off the weight as of late. She shares her meal recipes. Both she and Ann H (above) are into protein shakes here and there as well.

    Do not go to My Carbsane Asylum it was demotivational for me.


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