Monday, June 27, 2011


Has anyone tried the Atkins diet?

My daughter has suffered from absence seizures since she was in Kindergarten. Meds are not controlling them, and lately they seem to be getting worse. ie......... dropping things, short term memory loss, migraines, rigidity...

Today we saw the eptologist in Pittsburgh.  We had a great morning. We discussed diet. Before we left, Amber did lots of research and came up with two, that the doc agreed with. We are going to try the Atkins diet. In her mind the high protein would be easier to follow. The other one is very restrictive and hard for adults to follow.We will do a baseline for kidney and liver functions tomorrow. The high protien diet may cause a decrease in seizures and will also hopefully help with weight loss.

We discussed surgery. Not appropriate for Amber since her whole brain seizes rather than starting in a portion and then spreading., AND Amber doesnt usually feel it coming on, so she wouldnt be able to use the magnet.

Meds We increased the meds.

Headaches, Adding magnesium and Vit B6, and Imitrex when we know for sure its a migraine.

She gave us a printout of herbs that will not interact with her meds and that she appoves of for seizures and headaches.

So we have a lot to work on. We are starting with the Atkins diet, and looking for books etc.

If youve used the Atkins diet, what books or websites did you find useful?


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slimmer Summer Week 3 Wrapup

Slimmer Summer  Challenge
Weight 213   Down 2 more. This was a surprise. After the 5K yesterday I ate quite a bit!! And I really expected it to be higher. What a nice surprise!!

Calories  1250
Water: 55
Movement:  65 min walk
Sleep: 11p
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: yes

Calories 1700
Water: 150
Movement: day off
Sleep: late
Moisterize: yes

Calories  450 (BFF admitted to hospital and everything tasted like cardboard, just couldnt eat)
Water: 70
Movement: 45 mins walk, 30 min  med ball, 30 min free weights, 45 min treadmill
Sleep: 11p
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: no

Calories550 (having problems eating, just not hungry! Stress messes with my head and stomach!!)
Water:  150
Movement: none
Sleep: 1am
Moisterize: yes
Vitamins: no

Calories  1315
Water: 125
Movement: walk 30 mins
Moisterize: no

Calories 1230
Water: 60
Movement:walk 30 mins
Sleep: 1030. (a little late)

Calories 1740 (I always eat more after a 5K!!)
Water: 140
Movement: 5K
Sleep: I was exhausted! Even with  a nap I was in bed by 10.
Moisterize: Yes
Vitamins: No

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Epilepsy Run/Walk

Today started early for my household. 5AM to be exact. And it was on a Saturday!!! But, what a wonderful reason to get up early and drive to Pittsburgh. We were heading to the run/walk to support Western and Central PA Epilepsy Foundation We ended up not spending the expected 30 minutes in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic, so we got there EARLY!!  But it was so nice to walk around and see the sights, and stretch.

We registered, picked up our prizes, and went to the table for breakfast.

Free Krispy Kreme donuts. along with apples, bananas, water and coffee.

Then Andrew Stockey from WTAE channel 4 , and a Pittsburgh Pirate, (whos name I missed) had a few openning words.  They also handed out 3 scholarships.

And they had a lady signing. (I thot that was awesome!!)

Then we went to the start line

This was a fun nontimed, nonbibbed, run/walk.
We ran beside PNC Park and then down by the river. It was beautiful. And the weather was cool today!
I ran for 10 mins, then they had a water station, so I stopped. I shouldve kept going.  Then I did some walking and jogging intervals. Still didnt make my goal of running the whole thing. BUT THAT WILL COME!! I did beat my last time by 2 minutes!! This course was mostly flat. (YEAH!!!!) 
When we finished we joined the tailgate party 
Free pizza, hotdogs, pretzels, chips, water, beer, and cookies, apples, and icecream.

My daughters best friend went with us. Hubby, daughter, and best friend did the 2 mile walk. Best friend says next year she wants to run.  Its so much fun to get more people 'hooked' on running!!

Thank you to those who supported us. We had a wonderful time.

Blessings, Deb

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mishmash of emotions

What a week of anger, trusting, and wanting to quit.

Thurs: On Tues AM my son had his braces removed. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! But, (there always has to be a but). Long story short.............WHen he was in 4th grade he had a door slammed in his face and it broke one of his very large misaligned teeth in half. Ended up with a root canal and crown. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!! (no insurance) Fastforward to Tues. Now that teeth are aligned they need to put in a new crown. After an xray, the dentist proceeded to tell me that the root canal was not done properly and he needed to see an endodontist to have it redone. SO...........this morning at 530 we headed for Pittsburgh. Of course this ended up being only a consult and we had to make an appt for 3 weeks from now. BUT, the amazing thing..... This root canal will be only half the cost of the first root canal. Makes me wonder if I was taken advantage of 8 years ago!!?!?!?

Tues: My BFF (bracelet girl) had a regular check up with her oncologist. She ended up being admitted to the hospital because of dangerously high liver function tests. Liver biopsy tomorrow. Every time she has a docs appt she takes a verse with her. On Sunday after our walk she asked me to give her a verse. I immediately God breezed the following:
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6
So appropriate. My BFFs husband is in China for work for 3-4 months. She would love to go and be with him for two weeks. This docs appt was to see if she could be cleared to go. Trusting in the Lord to direct her path..........If the doc says no, then we take that as NO!! She still needs all her immunizations, and need the first round of them, and clear blood work.
SO...........after getting the call that she was admitted. I immediately questioned WHY!!!! and then I was slammed with my verse. TRUST!!!
My prayer is that because of her exercising, she bruised her liver. Praying that the cancer has not spread, Praying that it is not graft vs host !!!!  Trust!!!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

If the coat fits..................

Tonight was our annual church picnic. Mennonite women can cook and bake like no other. YUM!! And we always have homemade ice cream!!

The picnic is held at the local park, so three of us decided to get together and walk laps before the picnic. So with water bottle in hand, we walked 1.5 miles before we ate. Im so thankful for friends who are on the same journey as I am. We can bounce ideas off each other. Pick each other up.

Every time we came to the pavillion the line was LONG. (over 300 people attend) So we would walk another lap. We waited til last, and thankfully most of the 'good' food was gone. I ended up with a salad, and lots of watermelon and cantelope!  (I did have a very small scoop of homemade icecream at the end of the evening.

I love compliments. I used to run the other way, or find ways to not hear compliments. Im learning to accept them and say THankyou!. Several weeks ago a very special friend from church walked up to my husband and asked where I was. She had been looking all over church. (I was standing right beside him, but with my back to him)  She later told me that she didnt recognize me from the back anymore.  I teared up and thanked her. I now love to have people talk about the changes they see in me.

My BFF was on a cruise to Alaska almost two years ago. While there she bought a coat. Unfortunately it was to big for her. When she came home, she wanted to give it to me, but it didnt fit. I couldnt zip it up. HOW EMBARRASSING!! It was to big for her, and to small for me.  Tonight at the picnic, she brought that same coat, and had me try it on. I CAN ZIP IT UP!! Small accomplishments like this make it all worthwhile!!!  This is why I keep on keeping on!


Slimmer Summer Week Two Wrap Up

Movement: Doc (boss) was on vacation so I was able to leave work by 5PM and get some movement in EVERY day rather than just the normal 3 days during the week. On Saturday I walked 7.5 miles in the local Relay for Life. For me, it was a successful week.

Calories: One day at 1615, the other 5 were under 1200. Successful

Fruits and Veggies: Had fruits 3 of 4 days. (For me thats success, but I am working on getting better!!) Veggies: Fail!!!

Water: I love water!!! 3 days I had over 120, the others were over 60.

Face: I moisterized!!! I am so bad at taking care of my outward appearance. This is the first step in liking what I look like on the outside!! My pamper me time!!

Sleep: I have to continually work on this one!! I work 60 hrs a week, and sometimes its hard to get home, family, work, and life all 'in' in 24 hrs. Giving up work right now, is NOT an option. Time management is a necessity!!! I need to continually work on this one!!

Multivitamin: Ive remembered this!! One night I was even in bed and got my tired rearend back up and down the steps to take it along with my Calcium!!

Weight: 215. One more pound of fat gone from my body!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Relay for Life

My wonderful husband was diagnosed with Melanoma on September 28, 2004. He was given 9 months to live. The Master Physician had other plans! Corey always said, "If He is finished with me on earth He will give me the ultimate healing in heaven." 

For each lap around the track we added a purple bead to our necklace. The fourth lap we added a white bead. (One mile!!)
Storm clouds thunder and lightening moved in and we were all sent to our cars for about 30 mins. But, thanfully the sun came back out and so did the participants!!

The survivors as they pass the Hope Luminaries.
The Survivor Lap!

Our official walk time was 10P to 11P but we got started early. Ambers goal was a 5K. We surpassed that and made it to more than 7 miles!

We were treated to fireworks after the Luminary ceremony.
What a beautiful night!!

God Bless

Thursday, June 16, 2011

5K for Epilepsy

Epilepsy Fun Run Walk  This year my daughter has officially been diagnosed with epilepsy. She has struggled with seizures her whole life, but everyone kept saying 'she will grow out of them.' This year we were told, that we are past the 'growing out of them stage' and she has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

My family is walking/running in the 5K run 2 mile walk in two weeks. If you would like to sponsor us, click on the above link, then click on the "sponsor participant" button. I am registered as Deb Hershberger.

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I got home from work and sat on the chair and promptly fell asleep. I feel totally depleted the last couple days.

Calories: 990
Movement: DAY OFF!
Sleep: Going as soon as I sign off. Only 10 mins late
Water: 55 oz
Face: Moisterized
Veggies and Fruit: FAIL!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

college or bust

Spent the day at college!!

Ok well, not for me. (altho someday Id LOVE to go back!) Did you know that now a days they actually hava bathrooms in the dorm room!! Theres no shower in the middle of the hall with stalls that you have to share with 15 other girls!! WOW~!~

My son signed up for his fall classes, and had a small orientation! Met with the bowtie wearing honors dept chairpeson. Long, but very good day!!

Todays stats:

Sleep. HA! YEah right!
Calories: 899 (Im having a hard time eating enough food lately! Whats up with that!!)
Water: 40 oz REALLY BAD!!! I forgot to take my water bottle with me today! :( I sure can tell it tonight!!
Face: YES!!!
Vitamins: Yes!!!
Movement: 30  mins free  weights   45 mins treadmill    20 mins med ball and fit ball. AND walking all over campus!!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Slimmer Summer Goals

This challenge is about losing weight this summer.
For me, weight loss goals include so much more than just calories and exercise! In order to lose weight I need a positive attitude and encouragement.

Direct Weight Loss goals

Goal 1. Continue to track my daily food intake on  I have done this! and daily caloric in take has been between 1000 and 1200.
Goal 2. My exercise goal is 3 days a week at the gym. Ive been doing this!! I actually did a 5K this week!!

Goal 3. Improve my fruits and veggie intake. Im still working on this. Ive added more fruit. The veggies are still hard to find on my food diary!

Goal 4. Continue to drink a minimum of 64 oz of water daily.  I have been having between 75 and 100 oz per day., Ive noticed that my days at work Im more successful than my days at home.  Something to work on!
Goal 5. Facial Care. All nights but one! I call that success
Goal 6. Sleep!   Totally failed on this one!!!  

Goal 7. Remember to take my multivitamin, calcium, and vitamin D EVERY DAY!! I think I did this every night but one
Weight down 3 lbs!
I think Ive had a successful week!! Pushin on to week Two!!

I have a hard time making the Monday deadline. (I dont get home from work til at least 830P. So Im thinking of having my weekly wrap up on Saturday or Sunday instead of Monday.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


What a wonderfully refreshing church service today!!

"In Christ Alone" .. I love that song... The words "From a lifes first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny" Hit me anew today!

And reminder to not only pray give me give me give me or help me help me help me. but to remember the praises and thank yous to.!!

Water: 60 oz
Movement: DAY OFF!!!
Face: moisterized
vitamins: Yes
Sleep: a bit late but going now
Calories: 1351

Ill try to post my weeks update tomorrow. Im not sure if I can get on blogger from work or not.

Scale seperation anxiety

So, how very silly of me to have not thot of this before, but!!!!!!! Ive been weighing in on two different scales. I work at a doctors office so every morning when I get to work the first thing I do is hop on that scale. Then Tues, Fri, and Sat when I go to the gym, I hop on that one too. Im not sure what Im so afraid of. Maybe that Ill start gaining and when a weeks up, Ill have gained so much I want to give up?? Im afraid of not being in control?? Is this a good habit or  a bad habit? Am I obsessing over that number? If you look at my 'weigh in' days, they are not consistent, Every time I see a loss, I get excited and post it............

So from now on my 'normal' weigh in is Sat at the 'official' gym scale!! I cant guarentee I wont step on the scale at work once in a while, but, Im going to limit myself, at least now, to everyother day. Then maybe I can go three days!

Yesterdays Stats:

Calories: 1259
Movement: 5K!!
Veggies: 2 servings!!
Fruit: 2 servings!!
Water: 120 oz